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These forums are grouped in a semi-taxonomical manner. Beings with taxa, such as plants, animals, and bacteria, may be discussed here.
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Geranium by Raifu
Use this to talk about things like matter, chemicals, light, energy, elements, minerals, salts, metals, rocks, objects or substances not closely related to beings with taxa, and such.
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~ Idaho cloud pictures (8 Jan 2020) by Raifu
Please write a profile for yourself. Others cannot reply. Link to your tradelists. Say your hardiness zone, elevation, and location—stuff like that (as well as other stuff you want us to know). Edit when necessary. Please put a link to your profile post in your signature, if you want it to be really easy to find.
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~ Raifu by Raifu
This sub-forum is for constructive or useful discussion that is not clearly on-topic in other forums. Please note that the rules forbid some topics and behavior. Only select members may post here. However, don't be surprised if your off-topic posts get moved here.
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~ Being yourself (quote) by Raifu
All posts with off-site links are pinned. Posts containing lists of forums are here because forums cannot have multiple parents, and it's more convenient to put them here than in the Plant forum, the Animal forum or such; most of these posts have their own subdomains.
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~ Flower forums by Raifu 50 53
~ Broken links, errata, etc. by Raifu
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