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Terra programming language

in Software
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments This language looks pretty awesome. Basically, it's a low-level language wrapped in a high-level language (Lua), and it has access to C libraries. So, you in your code, you have Lua code on the outside, Terra code within special Terra functions, and you can access C more

I Am Frankie series review

in I Am Frankie
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
Introduction: I Am Frankie is a Nickelodeon show that's like a mix between a comic sitcom and something a lot more dramatic. It has an overarching plot that progresses in every episode. It's about an Android girl named Frankie who goes to school, and tries to pass for a regular human girl. more

Forums being converted to news

in Announcements
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
Most of the forums on this site are being converted into Nabble's News format (as opposed to their forum format). This allows the topics view to be largely unnecessary and has some other benefits. A few forums (such as the one for links, and the support forums) are remaining in the forum more

Notes about the TV forums here

in TV
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
I only include forums for shows that meet certain good criteria. No show is perfect, though, but I draw the line pretty strictly. If you're wondering why so many of the forums are for children's shows, and why so many of them are shows targeted at girls, it's because shows targeted at more

Nice extensible Python telnet server

in Software
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
Here's an awesome extensible MUD server for Python: You don't have to use it to make MUDs, of course. It appears that you could use it to easily make text-based, interactive websites with user accounts and stuff (but yeah, telnet's not secure; so, you more

How to SSH into your Xubuntu desktop computer from your Android tablet

in Software
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
1. Install Termux. 2. On Termux, type `pkg install openssh`. 3. On your Xubuntu desktop open a command-line and type `sudo apt install openssh-server` (if it's not already installed and running). 4. On Termux, type `ssh -Y [Your username]@[Your desktop computer's IP Address]` where your more


in Software
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments Ki is a command-line Python script that assists you in navigating the Linux command-line quickly and efficiently. It should assist with the following tasks: * Quickly finding and opening files, even if they're in complex directory more

Listen with your heart

in Video
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
I was browsing YouTube in the recent past, and was watching a video with an autism theme. I read the comments. People were talking about their attempts at making eye contact, and stuff about that. Disclaimer: I'm not diagnosed with autism, but I've never been medically evaluated for it, more

Voice actresses from The ZhuZhus and Abby hatcher

in The ZhuZhus
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
So, I purchased and have been watching The ZhuZhus. I'm surprised I never heard of it and that it was so inexpensive (on Prime Video)--$5.29 per each of the two volumes, in HD, in June of 2021 (granted, that's the reason I took enough interest in it to preview it on YouTube, and buy it on more

Blood clotting markers associated with long COVID

in COVID-19
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments

Advanced nutrition in foods

in Taxa
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
This post is meant to catalog the following nutritional components of foods: * Carotenoids * Antioxidants * Flavonoids * Chlorophyll * Acids * Fats/oils * Sugars (the kinds--not the amounts, per se) * Useful phytochemicals * Remarkable mineral levels * Remarkable vitamin levels more

How to measure carotenoids in tomatoes and such

in Tomato
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments

Language and music learning go together, both ways

in Human
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments music_ foreign_language

Tomato analysis 2021

in Lycopersicon
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
• Pearler_A3 is sweet and mushy with some tang • Pearler_A4 has a sharp bite. • Costoluto Florentino has a bitter aftertaste and is firm. Squirts if you're not careful. • Bash_A: Cool (not warm) pleasant flavor. No acrid taste in the blossom scar. Red fruit. • Clad_A: Some fruit low flavor more

2021 tomato fruit harvest counts

in Lycopersicon
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
I plan to edit this post as the fruits accumulate. Normal fruit count / bad uneaten ripe fruits / edible BER fruits (tossed BER fruits, squished unripe fruits and such aren't counted). The normal fruit count includes fruits with bad parts where the rest is intended to be used, but not BER more

Pseudo-teriyaki eggs

in Chicken
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
Today, a relative and I made a modified version of the following recipe, an it turned out great: Here's approximately what we did: Ingredients: • 6 eggs • Sesame oil (to oil the pan) • ½ teaspoon cinnamon • ½ teaspoon fenugreek • ¾ more

Pizza-dipping sauce recipe

in Lycopersicon
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
I made a good pizza dipping sauce with some home-canned tomatoes, on 2 June 2021 : a quart of home-canned tomatoes, as well as granulated garlic, onion powder, basil, pink sea salt, black pepper, paprika, and two fresh sage leaves, with extra virgin olive oil added when it was nearly done). If more

Eating pineapple can reduce eye floaters

in Pineapple
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments

Fertilizer foliar spray application rates

in Plant
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
This thread is for declaring and experimenting with foliar spray application rates of fertilizer, minerals, and such. My pump sprayer is 51oz (although it's advertised as 48oz, though it has a marker at the 48 point); so, I'll try to give rates for the standard gallon of water, as well as for more

Does black pepper really stop a wound from bleeding?

in Piper
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
So, I saw a video that portrayed someone putting black pepper on a medium wound to stop it from bleeding. I cut myself, today (on a pineapple can while washing it); it was bleeding a surprising amount for not being a major cut. So, I decided to try the black pepper. I sprinkled it on. It more

Most influential works in children's media

in Media
by Radishrain • | | 1 comment
Content warning: The works mentioned in this thread may or may not be family-friendly. I haven't reviewed them all for myself, either. Let's start off this list with The Prince and the Pauper. You might not believe the enormity of movies and TV episodes that have been inspired by this book. more

RNA could be used to genetically engineer?

in Taxa
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments This article is about how RNA can be used to repair or rewrite DNA. They don't actually talk about genetic engineering directly (hence how I asked the subject as a question). So, do we need to worry about those mRNA more

Ultraviolet light is addictive (similar to opioids)

in Electromagnetic Spectrum
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments Vitamin D also reduces opioid addiction (as well as addiction to ultraviolet light).

Plant ID and matriarchal lineage-tracking system

in Plant
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments See the link above for the most recent version, but here's a copy/paste of it at the time of this edit (19 Jun 2021): I've invented a system to help keep track of which plants are which, and where they came from. You don't more

Meaning of aerial roots in Thanksgiving cactuses

in Thanksgiving Cactus
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
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