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These forums are grouped in a semi-taxonomical manner. Beings with taxa, such as plants, animals, and bacteria, may be discussed here.
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This forum is for discussion about things that do not have taxa. Discussion of organic substances, such as milk and tomato sauce, should normally go within the Taxa forums.
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Please write a profile for yourself. Others cannot reply. Link to your tradelists. Say your hardiness zone, elevation, and location—stuff like that (as well as other stuff you want us to know). Edit when necessary. Please put a link to your profile post in your signature, if you want it to be really easy to find.
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This is for seed-trading, SASE offers, classified ads, and other such stuff. Forums that begin with 'Walled' are only visible to those with trading privileges. However, trading privileges are required to post in any of the Wants and Offers forums. No one can post in this, the top-level Wants and Offers forum (please post in the subforums). Click here for the rules.
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Walled Round Robin by Raifu
This forum is for lists of links. You may contribute, but posts may or may not be edited or removed. Information from posts and comments may be deleted and put into other posts (for the sake of organization). Links are not necessarily recommendations; please use good judgment.
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