99¢ Prime Video Christmas movies need parents guide info.

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I saw that these Christmas movies were all 99¢ (to own) on Prime Video. However, there's not much information on the Internet to tell us how suitable most of them are with regard to language and such (e.g. Parents Guide on IMDB). So, if you have information, feel free to give it (you can add it on IMDB yourself if you have an account). These movies may contain content that is not allowed directly on this website.

IMDB Parents Guide pages:
Always and Forever Christmas, 2019 (TV-G)
Becoming Santa, 2015 (TV-PG)
Christmas 9 to 5, 2019 (TV-G)
Christmas around the Corner, 2018 (TV-PG)
The Christmas Consultant, 2012 (TV-PG)
The Christmas Gift, 2015 (TV-PG)
Christmas Hotel, 2019 (TV-G)
A Christmas in Tennessee, 2018 (TV-PG)
Christmas Unleashed, 2019 (TV-G)
Four Christmases and a Wedding, 2017 (TV-14)
Grounded for Christmas, 2019 (TV-PG)
Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever, 2014 (G)
Jingle Belle, 2018 (TV-PG)
Last Chance for Christmas, 2015 (PG)
The Magical Christmas Shoes, 2019 (TV-G)
My Christmas Inn, 2018 (TV-G)
No Time Like Christmas, 2019 (TV-G)
Radio Christmas, 2019 (TV-G)
Random Acts of Christmas, 2019 (TV-G)
Santa's Boots 2018 (TV-PG)
The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol, 2011 (G or TV-Y7; 22 minutes)
Staging Christmas, 2019 (TV-G)
A Storybook Christmas, 2019 (TV-PG)
A Sweet Christmas Romance, 2019 (TV-G)
Sweet Mountain Christmas, 2019 (TV-G)
A Twist of Christmas, 2018 (TV-PG)
A Very Nutty Christmas, 2018 (TV-PG)
A Very Vintage Christmas, 2019 (TV-G)
Will You Merry Me?, 2008 (PG)
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