A new and fast multi-virus detection device

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A new and fast multi-virus detection device

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This awesome article talks about a new device that could solve many of our woes. Hopefully it catches on. They're not sure it's economically feasible. If the government is going to spend a trillion dollars on *anything*, why not spend it on that? Seriously. Economic feasibility can improve (if it needs to improve). They would likely save money on the investment.

The need for this goes far beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, but it's truly needed in it, too.

I hope they can adapt it to diagnose bacterial, fugal, and parasitic infections, as well as to detect larger species in watery habitats.

Gone could be the days when we have to wonder what infection, if any (such as if it has a physical, chemical, mental, emotional, or genetic cause instead), we might have.
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