A tip for writers who want to be more descriptive

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A tip for writers who want to be more descriptive

27 Oct 2018 at 11:28pm

I had an epiphany, today. One way to get practice writing more descriptively is to write what you see. I mean, you can watch a movie, or a show, and write down what you see like it's a written story, with special focus on the things that aren't just scripted dialog. Of course, you shouldn't save your work in most cases, because the video is most likely copyrighted—but then you can practice visualizing your own work (not a movie transcription) more—and maybe that will help with the descriptions as well.

Plus, you'll probably get more insight into whatever it is that you're watching if you do this, and learn more about people and their body language.

I tried this out, today, for the first time, and I really liked it. I like that it gives me a lot of realistic ideas on how to describe character interaction, and body language—plus, the scenery, clothes, hair, visual personality, visual feelings, etc.
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