Amniote clade.

Donkey milk and PANDAS

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Here's an article about a family who runs a donkey dairy. It talks about how the family believes it cures and/or treats PANDAS: My guess is that the milk is raw, and that it contains live cells from the donkey, which help to train the immune more

Nafanua: Saving the Samoan Rainforest, by Paul Alan Cox

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I got this book for a college class. It talks about flying foxes a lot. So, if you're into flying foxes, I would recommend it. It's a personal narrative (which in this case is a lot like a novel, but true). I don't have the book anymore, but I enjoyed it. It's about a scientist whose mother more

Elephants help zebras eat more with cattle

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See this article entitled, 'Elephants Help Zebras Coexist with Cattle', July 29, 2008: It's pretty interesting. elephant_ zebra_ dung_

Risks of eating reptiles

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Here's an article about risks associated with consuming reptile products:

Farming snakes

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Here's an article about the viability of farming snakes for meat:

Turkey jokes

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I laughed a surprising amount at some of these: Sorry for the obstructive ads there.

Birds in my area

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I finally discovered what the dark-headed sparrow-like birds that come on our property probably are: Dark-eyed Juncos (the Oregon-type)! Also, the yellow-eyed blackbirds we have are possibly Brewer's Blackbirds. We have yellow-headed blackbirds, too. Here's a list of some more, in no more

Hamburger and Maggi seasoning

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So, on 26 Aug 2019, we had some millet with carrots and hamburger seasoned with Maggi season (as well as pepper, I think). It was really good! I loved the hamburger with Maggi seasoning. I'll have to remember that. The millet was cooked like rice. cooking_ Maggi_ millet_ carrot_
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