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Basic Rules

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Keep content family-friendly (e.g. no profanity/expletives—nor words that could be construed to be them—as well as no gambling, illegal stuff, recreational drugs, or other bad stuff). Avoid making light of things/people (treating them as if they are not important). Avoid jumping to conclusions and making assumptions. Be peaceful and respectful (not only of other real people, but also of media or fictional characters you discuss in the Media forum). Discussing growing/using marijuana, tobacco, coffee, tea, Yerba mate, and energy drinks is off-topic in all forums. Discussion of alcohol is off-topic except where it relates to making vinegar, or unless it is not for consumption. Note that wine vinegar is vinegar (not alcohol).

If you have a rule-breaker personality, don't expect extra leniency because of it.

Don't be a vigilanty. Don't get revenge.

Do not be confrontational. Asking leading questions about someone's post that could rile the questioner up is an important example of this, even if you think they're trolling (it's you that is trolling them, in this case, regardless of whether they were trolling you). Report trolls; don't respond to them. Also, realize that not all comments that look like trolling are intended to be trolling, especially when it comes to alternative health and stuff like that. (I mean, some people think everyone should go to the doctor for basically everything, and some people don't, and the people who do might think those who don't are trolling them when they talk about casual stuff that violates their worldview of healthcare).

Do not reply to a thread outside of it (unless you do it off-site). Referencing a thread (in a harmless fashion) is another matter.

Do not quote others angrily, aggressively, dramatically, offensively, defensively, mockingly, etc.

Do not begin entirely new topics mid-thread. Related tangents that are sufficiently useful within the thread are fine, if you change the subject of your reply, but a completely different topic should be a new thread. Replies should contribute to threads (not take away from them).

Avoid shutting others down. I mean, if someone posts an impractical idea, please don't bombarb them with reasons why you think it's invalid, in a negative fashion. Not everyone is (or even wants to be) practical, and some people enjoy being idealistic, theoretical, and hypothetical. Be diplomatic. This isn't a Q/A site where people only come to get help, let alone only with practical problems, let alone seeking only practical solutions. You can tell someone you don't think something will work, but be kind and sensitive as you do so, back up your claims with evidence or anecdotes, and try not to be close-minded or overly traditional about their idea. Just because people, or even Google, say a thing doesn't mean it's true, or comprehensive.

Avoid complaining about people replying to old threads, please (especially if they came in from a search engine). Threads are generally meant to have long-term scope on this site, which means they are posted with the long-term future in mind, much as blog posts.

Forum descriptions may provide additional rules. Parent/ancestral forum descriptions also apply to the child/descendant forums.

It is against the rules for you to reply to topics where the opening post has any of the following tags if you are acting as an opponent of those things: organic_gardening, herbalism_, ayurveda_, vegan_, or alternative_health. This isn't a place for argument, debate or even consensus. If you have something to prove that is contrary to these things, don't reply. Do not circumvent this rule by starting a new thread and linking to, quoting, or referencing the tagged post (or its author).

Please read the other posts in this forum for more rules. Pay special attention to the site purpose.
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