Brandy Boy F1 tomato

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Brandy Boy F1 tomato

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So, I tasted a Brandy Boy F1 tomato, today—a large, pink fruit. It had a taste similar to my Brandy Boy cross C plant's fruit, this year (the one that is almost a multiflora), but it's a little different.

It was firmly attached to the vine much like my Brandy Boy cross F1 was in 2018; so, the fruit was damaged during harvest (I didn't use scissors).

Here's a picture of the same fruit that I tasted (after having tasted it; notice the chunk missing):
Brandy Boy F1 tomato fruit, mostly whole, but damaged while harvesting.

This picture includes two Brandy Boy F1 fruits (the smaller one is rotten):
Assorted, labeled tomato fruits, including Brandy Boy F1, Gilbertie, a Chris Ukrainian cross, Sheboygan, Napoli, Sausage, Palestinian, and a volunteer that is probably Orange Minsk. Also, Aji Habanero peppers.

Location: SW Idaho, USA
Climate: BSk
USDA hardiness zone: 6
Elevation: 2,260 feet
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