Capsaicin and collagen!

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Capsaicin and collagen!

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So, apparently, capsaicin inhibits collagen fiber formation, but it improves the fibers at the same time. This could be very interesting information for those with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (some people who have some symptoms but lack others might benefit from capsaicin, and some people should probably avoid it):

Anyway, a sibling's child got diagnosed with it, and my sibling thinks I might have it, too. So, that's why the interest in researching collagen all of the sudden. I looked up capsaicin and collagen to see if there was a connection, since eyes are supposed to be high in collagen, and as of this year, capsaicin (when I consume chile peppers) has mysteriously been increasing my existing sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation. The increase in ultraviolet-sensitivity lasts about a day (potentially longer), after exposure ceases. Note, however, that hot peppers do not increase my sensitivity to indoor lights, particularly (although celery seed, celery leaves, and bilberries do; I should research those as they pertain to collagen next).

I don't necessarily believe EHS is my most likely scenario (certainly not the most common kinds), but I do things it's likely that I have irregularities having to do with collagen.

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