The Chordata phylum.

Nafanua: Saving the Samoan Rainforest, by Paul Alan Cox

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I got this book for a college class. It talks about flying foxes a lot. So, if you're into flying foxes, I would recommend it. It's a personal narrative (which in this case is a lot like a novel, but true). I don't have the book anymore, but I enjoyed it. It's about a scientist whose mother more

Farming bluefin tuna

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Here's an article about the progress of farming bluefin tuna:

Article about research into limb regeneration (via Axolotl salamanders)

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Elephants help zebras eat more with cattle

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See this article entitled, 'Elephants Help Zebras Coexist with Cattle', July 29, 2008: It's pretty interesting. elephant_ zebra_ dung_

Risks of eating reptiles

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Here's an article about risks associated with consuming reptile products:

Farming snakes

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Here's an article about the viability of farming snakes for meat:

Some kinds of eels are at risk (and even farmed ones of them are wild-caught)

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Eel meat is getting progressively more popular in the USA. So, I thought I'd let you all know something. Freshwater eels, must lay their eggs in the ocean, in the wild (and they must also hatch and develop there). Even farmed eels come from young, wild-caught eels. They do not breed these more

Turkey jokes

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I laughed a surprising amount at some of these: Sorry for the obstructive ads there.

Birds in my area

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I finally discovered what the dark-headed sparrow-like birds that come on our property probably are: Dark-eyed Juncos (the Oregon-type)! Also, the yellow-eyed blackbirds we have are possibly Brewer's Blackbirds. We have yellow-headed blackbirds, too. Here's a list of some more, in no more

Hamburger and Maggi seasoning

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So, on 26 Aug 2019, we had some millet with carrots and hamburger seasoned with Maggi season (as well as pepper, I think). It was really good! I loved the hamburger with Maggi seasoning. I'll have to remember that. The millet was cooked like rice. cooking_ Maggi_ millet_ carrot_
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