Concepts related to executive function

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Concepts related to executive function

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The purpose of this thread is to outline concepts and things related to executive function, for reference purposes. Note that the lists here may not be exhaustive, but this page may be edited from time to time.

List of concepts:
Attentional control
Cognitive flexibility
Cognitive shifting
Cognitive inhibition
Fluid intelligence
Inibitory control
Nootropics (drugs/herbs/supplements that affect executive function, among other things)
Task switching
Working memory

List of shows designed to help improve executive function:

Herbs I want to investigate, with regard to effects on executive function:
Stachys (including betony and Florida radish): Reported effects of betony on people who use computers a lot are what got me thinking it might influence executive function.

Articles or websites related to executive function:
Tips to help improve working memory

Conditions that may impact executive function:
• Epilepsy
• Tourette Syndrome

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