Did you know you can bake oatmeal?

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Did you know you can bake oatmeal?

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Baked oatmeal is surprisingly awesome. It cooks fast, too. My motivation for reinventing it (I tried it before, liked it, and eventually forgot about it) was to avoid burning the milk (milk burns easily on the stovetop, it seems especially with quick oats).

Anyway, here's what you do:

Mix oats, brown sugar and milk in a casserole pan or such. Bake on 450° F. for a short to moderate time. I still need to re-figure out the ideal cooking times for each consistency. Eat. Adding cinnamon and such can be good, but it'll form a ring on the pan, which you may have to scrub off.

If you cook out all the liquid, you may notice that it'll be fluffier than if you cook the same thing on the stovetop.

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