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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
If you've watched Annedroids, you'll probably notice some things if you watch Dino Dana.

* The actress (Nicola Correia-Damude) who played the villain in Annedroids is the mom. She's pregnant is both shows (although I don't think the actress was pregnant; I could be wrong). No, they don't seem to be the same character. She doesn't seem to be a roboticist, nor an AI person, and she doesn't seem to have a son. She doesn't seem to be evil, either, nor high strung (she's fairly relaxed). She never talks about androids, and she doesn't have any robots cleaning her house in the show.
* There are billboards, pictures, or such in the show (on rare occasions) that seem to reference Annedroids, androids, and/or such. Pay attention to any billboards, signs, images, advertisements, or similar that you see in the background.
* The actress who plays Shanaia's mom plays a character in some episodes.
* Amazon made both shows.


If you've never watched it, Dino Dana is lke a sequel series to Dino Dan (which I'm less familiar with). Dino Dana is about a little girl who loves dinosaurs, and that's pretty much all she ever thinks or talks about (seriously; no matter what people are talking about or doing, she can bring dinosaurs into the conversation). It's kind of ambiguous as to whether it's meant to be a magical show (with the book she was given) or whether Dana is just imagining the dinosaurs and other animals we see in the show, but it seems like it would have to be more than imagination sometimes.

It's a pretty good show (I made a point of watching the whole series). The parents are loving and supportive, and often (not 100% always) the sister (Saara, played by Saara Chaudry) is, too; it shouldn't be understated how important this sort of thing is to the quality of a show, and to how enjoyable it is. If there's no love in a show, it's just not as good.

The girl who plays Dana (Michela Luci) is a voice actress in the True cartoons (for True herself); she's a lot more mellow in those. She's also Princess Flug in Abby Hatcher (but sounds totally different there).

Bill Cobbs, who played a prominent role in The Ultimate Gift, is in Dino Dana on occasion, and he does a good job.

The dad character (Amish Patel) adds a lot of positive humor to the show.

Characters from Dino Dan are in the show sometimes.

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