Domestic Tomato

Solanum lycopersicum (AKA Lycopersicon lycopersicum). Domestic Tomato, love apple, or wolf peach. Also see this post about important tomato tags.
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Of all my new tomatoes, this year (2019), I'm most impressed with Marion, currently. It had good, clean germination, and a high germination rate. The plant has good vigor. It set fruit early, and the fruits are a good size. The first fruit ripened by 25 July 2019 (it's been a slow-ripening year; more
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Here are a couple Tidy Rose F1 tomatoes that I harvested yesterday. The big one had sunscald, and a more powerful taste that I quite preferred. f1_hybrid_tomato
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Here are a couple Black Dragon tomatoes from yesterday. They have thicker walls than Black Plum and are larger. heirloom_tomato
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I got some Porter seeds from AlittleSalt of Tomatoville once upon a time. I grew a plant from them in 2016, without black plastic or mulch, in the ground. It got a lot of overhead watering from an oscillating sprinkler. The fruits were very pink, and kind of shiny. They got anthracnose more
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