Echo Shows are pretty useful!

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I didn't realize it, but an Echo Show is what I've been needing for quite a while now.

Here are some of the more useful features:

* Great sound with surprisingly high volume.
* Alarms, reminders, and timers
* Quick access to otherwise time-consuming information to find.
* It's basically a voice-operated command-prompt, with media.
* You can call people's phones.
* You can do video chats with your Skype account.
* You can watch Prime Video, Tubi, and other stuff. You can even use Youtube as you can on a tablet, sort of.
* You can listen to Tune-in and iHeart radio stations.

Here are some examples of things I might like to ask at times:

* What's the UV index?
* What's the UV index tomorrow?
* Set a burrito timer for thirty minutes
* Remind me to call someone at 3 PM on Thursday.
* Wake me up at 5 PM.
* Sing the national anthem
* What's the binomial name of eggplant?
* What time is it?
* What day of the week is it?
* How many days until Christmas?
* How many days until July 31st?
* How many minutes until 10 O'clock.
* Who played Elsa on Frozen?
* Who is Andrea Bocelli?
* How old is George Bush, Jr.?
* When's the next time it's going to rain?
* What's the humidity?
* What's the wind speed?
* Roll 4d12
* When was My Neighbor Totoro released in America?
* play BYU radio
* play Saints Channel Talk radio
* play harp music (make sure you really enunciate the p)
* tell me a tomato joke (or whatever)

* You need a tablet or smartphone and the Alexa app to configure most of the configuration stuff.
* It's maybe not ideal for querying online sounds and pictures, yet. It often thinks you want pictures you've taken yourself, or music you own. Or, if I ask, What does a robin sound like? It'll give me a description (in words) of what a robin sounds like. (Which is great, but I'd also like to just hear a robin singing.)
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