Fertilizer foliar spray application rates

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Fertilizer foliar spray application rates

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This thread is for declaring and experimenting with foliar spray application rates of fertilizer, minerals, and such. My pump sprayer is 51oz (although it's advertised as 48oz, though it has a marker at the 48 point); so, I'll try to give rates for the standard gallon of water, as well as for 51oz (fluid ounces) of water.

• Calcium nitrate: 2-4tbsp per gallon (not tested); 1tbsp per 51oz (tested; works great, and can be done once a week or two; 2tbsp is enough to slightly burn an outdoor grapevine, though)
• Miracle Gro 24-8-16 All-purpose water-soluble fertilizer: 1 level tbsp per gallon every one to two weeks (not tested); 1 semi-heaping teaspoon (1.195 teaspoons, or 0.3984 tablespoons) per 51oz (tested); only for outdoor foliar sprays, according to the instructions on the box.
• Epsom salt: 2tbsp per gallon once a month, for most plants (not tested); 2.39 teaspoons per 51oz (not tested)
• Potassium sulfate: 2-3 tbsp per gallon; 0.7968-1.1952 tbsp (2.39-3.586 teaspoons) per 51oz
• Monoammonium phosphate: 1-3tbsp per gallon (not tested); 1.195-3.585 teaspoons (not tested)
• Monopotassium phosphate: 2-3 tbsp per gallon; 0.7968-1.1952 tbsp (2.39-3.586 teaspoons) per 51oz
• Copper sulfate: 2%, or 5.1 tbsp per gallon, twice a season, for deficient wheat (not tested; sounds like a lot; be careful, because too much copper can stop plant roots from growing); 2.0318 tbsp per 51 oz twice a year (not tested); for tomatoes, as a fungicide, they say to use 4 teaspoons per gallon (not tested) every 7-10 days, or 1.5936 teaspoons per 51oz
• Zinc sulfate monohydrate: Foliar spray not recommended for all kinds of water (since it reacts with at least some water to form a solid white rock-like substance). 1-3tbsp per gallon (not tested); 1.195-3.585 teaspoons (not tested)
• Iron sulfate heptahydrate: 1-2tbsp per gallon (not tested); 1.195-2.39 teaspoons per 51oz (not tested).


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