First full batch of dehydrated tomatoes, 2020

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First full batch of dehydrated tomatoes, 2020

So, I dehydrated these tomatoes last night (and today):

Stainless steel bowl of garden tomatoes on stove. Late July 2020.

And we got this result:

Dehydrated tomatoes in a red melamine bowl on stove. 1 August 2020.

I had them on 167 for about 5 hours, and 145 the rest of the time. Different temperatures would assuredly get different flavors. Most of them seem to taste like tomato soup with a zing and a little sweetness. Some of the ones I tasted taste different, and sweeter. I haven't tasted all the kinds, dehydrated, yet. Not all of the cherry tomatoes finished dehydrating, so we ate those. Some did, though; they look like dried goldenberries.

I had punctured the skins of all the tomatoes thoroughly to speed up the drying process.
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