Gabby's Dollhouse review

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I watch and evaluate a lot of children's shows (and movies). Today, I saw a new series called Gabby's Dollhouse (I just saw the first episode). I think it's made by Netflix, but I get vibes like it has influence from the following shows and/or their creators:

* Dora the Explorer (the main character talks to the viewers)
* Wishenpoof
* Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
* Maybe others, too.

Anyway, there seems to be a creativity theme, so far, where they make stuff—and a cat theme; I suppose there's a dollhouse theme, too (how it's done reminds me of another show, but I'm not sure which). Gabby's Dollhouse is partially live action, and partially animated, kind of like Luna Petunia, Wild Kratts, and some other shows.

Based on one episode, it looks like a great new children's show, for young children (somewhat older children than the audience for Dora the Explorer, but pretty close).

Some cautions:
* Cat Rat behaved kind of badly, like a bully (and got himself in trouble). I get the feeling he's sort of the antagonist, but he's still kind of sort of friends with the others.
* The focus characters got distracted in their quest to save Cat Rat and started making something crafty instead. They were reminded a fair while later when another character said he was following further away, or some such.
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