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What to do with hamburgers when you're out of ketchup

in Cow
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
When you're out of ketchup for your hamburgers you can do any of the following things: • Appreciate them without ketchup (not my personal favorite, but they are appreciable). • Make your own make-shift ketchup from canned tomatoes, salt, vinegar, and something like onion greens. • Instead more

Tomato attributes to consider including in database or vendor articles

in Tomato
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
Tomato variety attributes to consider Historical information: Breed names Ancestry Breeder, discoverer, and introducer Location of origin (City, state/province, and country of origin) History Is it PVP, PVPAF, or under plant patents? Is it covered by a utility patent? Is the breed more

Tip: Freeze alpine strawberries for a more substantial snack

in Alpine Strawberry
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
Alpine strawberries, as you may or may not know, are small. Tasty, prolific, and easy-to-grow, but small (usually; sometimes some bigger ones appear). It takes about two seconds to eat an entire handful. So, I figured I'd freeze them to make them take longer to eat, and make a bigger impact more

Dr. Wyche's Yellow tomatillo

in Tomatillo
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
Dr. Wyche's Yellow tomatillo Offsite articles: • Dave's Garden Vendors: • Annapolis Seeds • Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds • Garden Hoard • Honeyman Seeds • Meadowlark Hearth • Reimer Seeds • Seed Savers Exchange • Southern Exposure Seed Exchange • Victory Seeds • more

Purple De Milpa tomatillo

in Tomatillo
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
Purple De Milpa tomatillo Offsite articles: • Cuttings; Growing Your Own Salsa Verde (The New York Times, 1993) • The Plant Lady (blog post; grow report) Vendors: • Annie's Annuals & Perennials • desertcart (has reviews) • The Home Depot • Honeyman Farms • HRSeeds • more

Cisineros tomatillo

in Tomatillo
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
Cisineros tomatillo Offsite articles: • Dave's Garden Vendors: • • Southern Exposure Seed Exchange • Tomato Growers Supply Company Offsite forum search results: • Google: Dave's Garden • Google: Gardenweb • Google: • Google: Tomatoville *** more

Everona Large Green tomatillo

in Tomatillo
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
Everona Large Green tomatillo Offsite articles: • Dave's Garden • Smart Gardener Vendors: • Seed Savers Exchange • Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Offsite forum search results: • Google: Dave's Garden • Google: Gardenweb • Google: Tomatoville ***** I tried growing more

😬 Google removing full URL visibility from Chrome's address bar

in Software
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments People should be concerned about more than security here. Knowing the URL is important for a lot of purposes that are not security-related. Security is more

Oregano herbal tea/infusion

in Oregano
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
We've got a thriving, but heavily budding, oregano plant outside. I decided to make some herbal tea with some of it, to see what it was like. It was surprisingly good, even with all the buds! If you enjoy mint tea, you'll probably like this, too. The herbal tea had a pleasant floral smell as I more

Our Sempervivum

in Houseleek
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
Here's a picture of some of our Sempervivum. It may be Sempervivum tectorum, but I'm not certain:

Pruning cucurbits to the third degree of ramifications

in Cucurbit
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
I read somewhere that the third degree of ramifications on cucumbers (I think that was the species of cucurbit) was more prolific than lower degrees. I kind of wonder if going out more degrees of ramifications increases production for all cucurbits, given a long enough season. With tomatoes, more

Salsify and Welsh onions heads, together

in Western Salsify
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
I'm pretty sure this is western salsify (it has yellow flowers that look like that), and I know that's a bunching onion with it (possibly Crimson Forest). This picture was taken on 18 June 2020. welsh_onion

New digital reading method: side-scrolling!

in Book
by Radishrain • | | 1 comment
Today, I was reading on my Kindle Fire HD 8 sixth edition via Word Runner on the Kindle app. When you pause Word Runner, it has a mode where you can just scroll the whole book left to right, with your finger, on one line. I decided to try reading like that (even though it's probably intended as more

Genetic engineering tomato traits (such as fruit size)

in Tomato
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments The above article explains a discovery. They now know how to use genetic engineering to change tomato traits, such as fruit size. They figure it'll work for other plants, too, such as ground cherries. more

Marcella Hazan tomato sauce onion uses

in Common Onion
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments This is a news article that tells what you can do with the leftover onion halves from making Marcella Hazan tomato sauce. tomato_ sauce_

HymnWiki's forum and blog have merged with GrowSpice™

in Announcements
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments is a large project that pre-dates GrowSpice™ by about twelve years. For a number of reasons, HymnWiki's old forum is being retired; the new one is part of GrowSpice™. The HymnWiki forum is primarily accessible via its subdomain, and via a link at This merger may or more

How to contribute

in HymnWiki
by Radishrain • |
This thread tells how to contribute to HymnWiki (on this forum). How to contribute: 1. Register 2. Become a member (Optional for HymnWiki.) 3. Post new articles. 4. Discuss articles. 5. Edit articles you've created. 6. Suggest edits to other users. How to post an article: • Go more

Why use a forum as a wiki alternative?

in HymnWiki
by Radishrain • |
Forum advantages: • Forums are a lot simpler, faster, and easier to contribute to than a wiki, especially for beginners. • Formatting rules don't have to be strict on a forum. • Forums are designed for interaction, and while wikis allow it, it's not terribly fun to interact with people on a more

Ideal food dehydrator

in Object
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
This post is an attempt to describe my ideal food dehydrator: • Ideally, it would also be a *large* electric convection oven (like the size of a regular kitchen oven, and usable as one), and an air fryer. • It would have at least ten fine mesh stainless steel racks, the huge size of oven more

Desired specifications to be listed for food dehydrators

in Object
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
Here is the list of things I specifically look for in a food dehydrator. I'd love to see them all in one spot so I can more quickly evaluate it: * tray dimensions * heating element watts * fan watts * tray material (i.e. stainless steel) * temperature range (in Fahrenheit) * space more

Fruit/vegetable dehydration

in Plant
by Radishrain • | | 2 comments
I've been researching food dehydrators a lot lately. I've decided they're overpriced, even if they're nice and/or very effective. Some of them cost twice as much as a kitchen stove. Yeah, they don't all cost anywhere near that much, but most of them are still overpriced. The round stackable more

Ketchup leather

in Domestic Tomato
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
So, I had the idea to make ketchup leather. I looked it up and found this article, which gives the even better idea of eating it on hamburgers (I was just thinking about eating it plain): Anyway, it's fruit leather made out of more

Volunteer hollyhock

in Hollyhock
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
Here's a volunteer hollyhock from a few days ago or so. It's nice and green, this year.

UV sensitivity; High UV lately

in Electromagnetic Spectrum
by Radishrain • | | 1 comment
I knew I was light-sensitive, but I didn't realize I had a problem with UV (ultraviolet light) particularly until I started using an Echo Show and asking what the UV index was before going outside. Anyway, I was getting eye pain and headaches (starting through my eyes), which made me feel sick more

Echo Shows are pretty useful!

in Object
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
I didn't realize it, but an Echo Show is what I've been needing for quite a while now. Here are some of the more useful features: * Great sound with surprisingly high volume. * Alarms, reminders, and timers * Quick access to otherwise time-consuming information to find. * It's more
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