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This is a list of family-friendly Hallmark movies, with clean language (as in, nothing worse than euphemisms, if that). Content besides language isn't evaluated quite as strictly (for instance, some of the mysteries tend to rank higher on violence/murder than the romances; some might mention coffee, tea, or alcoholic beverages; some having kissing; some have dresses that show shoulders; stuff like that). I plan to expand these lists with new items periodically.

Many (not all) of these are available with a subscription to hmnow.com.

* A Christmas Duet, 2019
* A Christmas Movie Christmas, 2019 (Studio is MarVista, but you can watch it on Hallmark Movies Now at hmnow.com, or on the app for it.)
* A Feeling of Home
* A Gift to Remember, 2017 (Christmas)
* A Midnight Kiss, 2018 (Christmas)
* A Rose for Christmas, 2017
* A Season for Miracles, 1998 (Christmas)
* A Song for Christmas, 2017
* A Winter Princess
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #2: Real Murders, 2015
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #4: The Julius House, 2016 (this one's kind of creepy, because she's searching for dead bodies in a house she just bought for a good while)
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #5: Dead Over Heels, 2017
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #6: A Bundle of Trouble, 2017
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #7: Last Scene Alive, 2018
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #8: Reap What You Sew, 2018
* Christmas Camp, 2019
* Christmas Everlasting, 2018
* Christmas Festival of Ice, 2017
* Easter Under Wraps (Easter)
* Fallen Angel
* Forever in My Heart
* Frozen in Love
* Garage Sale Mysteries: The Wedding Dress, 2015
* Harvest Moon, 2015
* It Was Always You
* Journey back to Christmas, 2016
* June in January, 2014
* Just Add Romance
* Love at First Dance
* Love at Sea
* Love on a Limb
* Love on Ice
* Love on the Menu
* Love Struck Café
* Magic Stocking, 2015
* Martha's Vineyard Mysteries: A Beautiful Place to Die (FYI: Martha's Vineyard is a city--not an actual vineyard)
* My Best Friend's Bouquet
* Mystery 101
* Mystery 101: Playing Dead
* November Christmas
* One Winter Proposal, 2019
* Pearl in Paradise
* Picture Perfect Mysteries: Dead Over Diamonds
* Picture Perfect Mysteries: Newlywed and Dead
* Retreat to Paradise
* Right in Front of Me
* Sailing into Love, 2019
* Sound of Christmas, 2016
* Summer Love, 2016
* Sweet Carolina, 2021
* The Magic of Ordinary Days
* The Ultimate Gift, 2007 (Studio is 20th Century Fox, but it's on hmnow.com)
* Three Weeks, Three Kids
* Timeless Love
* 'Tis the Season for Love, 2015 (Christmas)
* Wedding March 1: The Wedding March
* Wedding March 2: Resorting to Love
* Winter Castle, 2019

These Hallmark movies are likely to go in the list above, but need further evaluation:
* A Country Wedding
* A December Bride, 2016 (Christmas)
* A Gingerbread Romance, 2018 (Christmas)
* A Summer Romance
* A Time to Dance (AKA Karen Kingsbury's A Time to Dance)
* All Things Valentine
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #3: Three Bedrooms, One Corpse, 2016
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #9: The Disappearing Game, 2018
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #12: A Very Foul Play, 2019
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #14: Reunited and It Feels So Deadly, 2020
* Autumn Dreams
* Chateau Christmas, 2020
* Christmas by Starlight, 2020
* Christmas Getaway, 2017
* Crossword Mysteries: Proposing Murder, 2019
* Harvest Love
* Love by Chance
* Love Takes Flight (I watched this, and I believe it belongs in the list above . . .)
* Love Unleashed
* Martha's Vineyard Mysteries: Ships in the Night
* Matchmaker Mysteries: A Fatal Romance
* Morning Show Mysteries: Countdown to Murder, 2019
* Mystery 101: Words Can Kill
* Once upon a Christmas Miracle, 2018
* Our Christmas Love Song, 2019
* Plainsong
* Summer of Dreams
* Sweet Autumn
* Taking a Shot at Love (I watched this, but I don't remember if there was something I wanted to mention with it; it's fine language-wise, though).
* The Christmas Cottage, 2017
* The Christmas Doctor, 2020
* The Christmas Train, 2017
* The Secret Ingredient
* The Story of Us
* Wedding March 5: My Boyfriend's Back


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Re: Hallmark movies with clean language

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Here are some non-Hallmark movies with clean language, which are similar to Hallmark movies:
* A Christmas Break, 2020 (Lifetime)
* Christmas Catch (Brain Power Studio)
* Christmas on Ice, 2020 (Lifetime)
* Christmas Princess, 2017 (directed by Allan Harmon; drama; not a romance)
* Christmas Recipe for Romance, 2019 (Brain Power Studio)
* Dear Christmas, 2020 (Lifetime; has a passionate kiss)
* Inn Love by Christmas, 2020 (a couple--the main character's parents, who are not married to anyone--are living together)
* Love Kennedy, 2017 (Religious; there is some teenage romance, but that's not the entire focus of it)
* Miracle Maker, 2015 (Bridgestone Multimedia Group, LLC)
* The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey, 2007 (Directed by Bill Clark)
* You're So Cupid, 2010 (SunWorld Pictures; fantasy; involves lots of romance)

Here are some non-Hallmark movies that have clean language, which need further evalutation before going in the list above:
* A Very Vintage Christmas, 2019 (Lifetime)
* Christmas Ever After, 2020 (Lifetime)
* Hot Chocolate Holiday, 2021 (Lifetime)
* My Christmas Inn, 2018 (Lifetime)
* Santa's Boots, 2018 (Lifetime)
* Spotlight on Christmas, 2020 (Lifetime)
* Sweet Mountain Christmas, 2019 (Lifetime)
* The Christmas Listing, 2020 (Lifetime)
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Re: Hallmark movies with clean language

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Notes on the rest of the Aurora Teagarden Mystery movies:
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #1: A Bone to Pick, 2015 (has language)
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #10: A Game of Cat and Mouse, 2019 (language not yet evaluated)
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #11: An Inheritance to Die For, 2019 (language not yet evaluated)
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #13: Heist and Seek, 2020 (has language)
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #15: How to Con a Con, 2021 (language not yet evaluated)
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #16: Til Death Do Us Part, 2021 (language not yet evaluated)
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #17: Honeymoon, Honeymurder, 2021 (language not yet evaluated)
* Aurora Teagarden Mysteries #18: Haunted by Murder, 2022 (language not yet evaluated)
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