Please post your full havelists here (lists of seeds, plants, etc. that you have). Please link to your post(s) from your profile post. The fact that someone posts a list does not necessarily mean that the items on it are up for trade (it just shows what they have). Please see the Offers sub-forum for active solicitations.
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This is my havelist for seeds that I have purchased. This list is outdated, although it does contain all my applicable seeds purchased. I do not, however, have all the seeds listed here anymore, as I have planted, given away, or traded several of them since the last update. Please consider tr...read more
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Here's my list of saved and zapped seeds. This does not include my store-bought seeds, nor does it include seeds I've received in trades and free offers. Please read the notes before requesting a trade or such. This list was last updated on 21 June 2019. I have yet to add the seeds I've saved in...read more
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