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This thread tells how to contribute to HymnWiki (on this forum).

How to contribute:
1. Register
2. Become a member (Optional for HymnWiki.)
3. Post new articles.
4. Discuss articles.
5. Edit articles you've created.
6. Suggest edits to other users.

How to post an article:
• Go into the article forum of your choice. (These include Compilation, Group, Person, Reference, Lyric, Term, and Tune. Lyric and Tune are under the Song forum.)
• Create a new topic. This topic is your article.
• The subject of the topic is the article's title. Choose a descriptive title that tells exactly what it is that the article is about. For a song, it should include a title of the song. For a person, it should include the name of the person.
• If there is already an article like yours, consider adding your two cents in the comments. Or, if yours is significantly different, just create a new topic (on a forum, there's nothing stopping you from creating multiple topics with the same name).
• If you desire categories, put tags in your post. They're like hashtags. See the tag button when you're composing your thread.

Discussing articles:
• Remember, opening posts are articles. Discussion should be in reply to articles, unless it's in the top-level HymnWiki forum.

Do not submit copyrighted material without permission. That is illegal and against the rules here. Always say the license of any material you add (such as sheet music). If you don't know the license, don't upload it. The same goes for song lyrics (don't post them if you don't know the license, or if you don't have permission).

If you desire to have discussions that are not article-based, or post about things that are not articles, use the top-level HymnWiki forum. For instance, if you're posting about a contest, just put it in the top-level HymnWiki forum (and give it the contest tag).
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