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You may notice this site has a lot of subforums. Here are some tips to navigate them:

* Check the links under the description on the main page. Pay special attention to the second and third rows of links.
* Forums within the Taxa forum are organized in a semi-taxonomical manner. You can click through to find such as the various kingdoms, clades, orders, families, genera, and species subforums that interest you.
* Use subdomains. They're just one step to a forum (or post, in some cases, such as this post). Most of them are intuitive. So, if you type '', don't be surprised when you find yourself in the Grapefruit forum. Subdomain names are usually not plural (but some are, such as taxonomic clades and ranks, such as Protozoa, Bacteria, and Fungi; common names or atypical names used in place of a clade or rank are typically singular). If you want the artichoke forum, type ''. For the duck forum, type ''. If the subdomain and/or forum you want does not exist, please kindly mention it in the feedback forum.
* If a subdomain is preceded by 'TV:' then it forwards to a topics view of it.
* Use the search bar. It's powerful and fast.
* Use tags. You can search for tags just by typing them in the searchbar. All tags have at least one underscore. Tags with only one underscore must end with that underscore. With tags, underscores are used instead of spaces.

* Do not type in https with any links that do not contain www (for those, type http instead, if you type a protocol). Those are all forwarding domains, which forward to https www URLs. Only www has https on this site.
* is a topics view page, and is the same as (while takes you the home page).
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