How to watch Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures in order

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You may have heard of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures, maybe from a season on Netflix, and perhaps you went to Amazon to find more (and/or to buy it), but discovered it seemed to be unavailable for purchase. Well, it's actually mostly not missing: They just packed episodes into 'movies', which don't particularly mention they're part of the Berry Bitty Adventures series. There are only six episodes missing from Prime Video, currently, and only one of those isn't fully available on YouYube (but is available on DVD). Anyway, the episodes in the DVDs and Prime Video equivalents are mostly unordered (they seem to be semi-grouped by topic; some contiguous episodes with overarching plots are in order).

So, it's phenomenally difficult to watch this series in order on Prime Video and DVD without some help. So, let's make it easier. Below I'll tell you which compilations/DVDs (called movies on Prime Video) correspond to which episodes, and which episode number in the DVD it is. You can buy most of the series on Prime Video. You may be able to watch at least some of these on Tubi, Netflix, Vudu, Google Play Video, and YouTube.)

My sources (these might also be helpful in your search):
• Amazon's Prime Video (and Amazon's websites generally) (note, this is CC-BY-SA, so my post here is also offered under that license; I gathered a couple compilation names from Gatherer Hade's comment)
• Google Play Video
• eBay
• Online vendors

[Asterisks indicate that the compilation for the episode isn't available on Prime Video. Episode titles are mentioned where there is both an asterisk and the episode isn't found on another compilation that is on Prime Video. All of the compilations that are not on Prime Video, with the exception of Puttin' on the Glitz (which used to be on Prime Video), are probably not for the USA's region (region 1, or NTSC).]

The movie comes before the series:

The Strawberry Shortcake Movie: Sky's the Limit

Season 1:
1. Berry Big Help: 3
2. Berry Big Help: 2
2. *Dream Dancers: 1
3. Bloomin Berry Garden: 2
3. *Vanishing Violets: 1
4. Berry Big Help: 1
4. *Vanishing Violets: 2 and 3
5. *Puttin' on the Glitz: 1 (Episode title: 'Hair today, Gone Tomorrow', which is the second episode in this YouTube compilation)
6. Bloomin Berry Garden: 1
6. *Team for Two: 1
7. Berry Friends Forever: 4
7. *Berry Best You Can Be: 1
8. Bright Lights Big Dreams: 1
9. Bright Lights Big Dreams: 2
9. *Team for Two: 2
10. *Puttin' on the Glitz: 2 (Episode title: 'Too Cool for Rules'; clips of this are on YouTube, but the full thing seems to be absent.)
10. *Dream Dancers: 2
11. The Berryfest Princess Movie: 1
12. The Berryfest Princess Movie: 2
13. The Berryfest Princess Movie: 3
14. Berry Bitty Mysteries: 1
15. Berry Bitty Mysteries: 2
15. *Vanishing Violets: 4
16. Berry Friends Forever: 1
16. *Berry Best You Can Be: 2
16. *Vanishing Violets: 5
17. Bloomin Berry Garden: 3
17. *Dream Dancers: 3
18. Bright Lights Big Dreams: 3
18. *Dream Dancers: 4
19. The Glimmerberry Ball Movie: 1
20. The Glimmerberry Ball Movie: 2
21: The Glimmerberry Ball Movie: 3
22. *Puttin' on the Glitz: 3 (Episode title: 'Nice as Nails'; it's the first episode in the link)
23. *Berry Best You Can Be: 3 (Episode title: 'How You Play the Game'; also see the second episode in this link)
24. Berry Friends Forever: 2
24. *Dream Dancers: 5
25. Berry Friends Forever: 3
25. *Team for Two: 3
26. Berry Bitty Mysteries: 3
26. *Dream Dancers: 6

Season 2:
1. Berry Best Friends: 1
1. *Butterflies and Bluebirds: 1
2. Berry Best Friends: 2
2. *Butterflies and Bluebirds: 2
3. Jammin with Cherry Jam: 1
3. *Butterflies and Bluebirds: 3
4. Jammin with Cherry Jam: 2
4. *Starlight, Star Bright: 1
5. Jammin with Cherry Jam: 3
5. *Starlight, Star Bright: 2
6. Jammin with Cherry Jam: 4
6. *Starlight, Star Bright: 3
7. Fun Under the Sun: 1
7. *Summer time: 1
8. Fun Under the Sun: 2
8. *Summer time: 2
9. Fun Under the Sun: 3
9. *Summer time: 3
10. Snowberry Days: 1
10. *A Winter Fairytale: 1
11. Snowberry Days: 2
11. *A Winter Fairytale: 2
12. Snowberry Days: 3
12. *A Winter Fairytale: 3
13. Berry Best Friends: 3

Season 3:
1. Berry Best in Show: 2
1. *Berry Perfect Pets: 1
2. Berry Best in Show: 1
2. *Berry Perfect Pets: 2
3. Berry Best in Show: 3
3. *Berry Perfect Pets: 3
4. Berry Tales: 1
4. *Berry Bitty Princesses: 1
5. Berry Tales: 2
5. *Berry Bitty Princesses: 2
6. Berry Tales: 3
6. *Berry Bitty Princesses: 3
7. Sweet Sunshine Adventures: 1
7. *Berry Bitty Princesses: 4
8. Sweet Sunshine Adventures: 2
8. *Berry Bitty Fun: 1
9. Sweet Sunshine Adventures: 3
9. *Berry Bitty Fun: 2
10. Berry Bake Shop: 2
10. *Berry Bitty Fun: 2
11. *A Berry Masquerade Ball: 1 (Episode title: 'All Dogs Allowed')
12. Berry Bake Shop: 3
12: *A Berry Masquerade Ball: 2
13. Berry Bake Shop: 1
13. *A Berry Masquerade Ball: 3

Season 4:
1. Berry Hi-Tech Fashion: 1
1. *Berry Sweet & Sour: 1
2. Berry Hi-Tech Fashion: 2
2. *Berry Sweet & Sour: 2
3. Berry Hi-Tech Fashion: 3
3. *Berry Sweet & Sour: 3
4. *Berry Sweet & Sour: 4 (Episode title: 'A Berry Merry Birthday')
5. Campberry Stories: 1
5. *Berry Tall Tales: 1
6. Campberry Stories: 2
6. *Berry Tall Tales: 2
7. Campberry Stories: 3
7. *Berry Tall Tales: 3
8. Berry Best Chef: 1
8. *Berry Best Bakers: 1
9. Berry Best Chef: 2
9. *Berry Best Bakers: 2
10. Berry Best Chef: 3
10. *Berry Best Bakers: 3
11. Dance Berry Dance: 1
11. *Berry-Ball: 1
12. Dance Berry Dance: 2
12. *Berry-Ball: 2
13. Dance Berry Dance: 3
13. *Berry-Ball: 3

Note the 'Strawberry Shortcake Berry Bitty Adventures' season 1 on Prime Video with the CBS network is actually the season 2 mentioned on IMDB, with a slightly different order of the last four episodes or so.

Compilations that aren't available for purchase on Prime Video:
• Berry-Ball, 2015 (episodes mentioned on Google Play)
• Berry Best Bakers (See Google Play; same episodes and order of episodes as Berry Best Chef, which is on Prime Video)
• Berry Best You Can Be: released June 22, 2015 (1 hour long; found on; according to the back of the DVD, it includes 'The Berry Best You Can Be', 'Manners Meltdown', and 'How You Play the Game')
• Berry Bitty Fun, 2013 (See Google Play)
• Berry Bitty Princesses, 02/01/2015 (88 minutes; Found on eBay; theatrical release was in 2013; it contains at least the episode where Plum is a big perfectionist about the play they're about to put on. Google Play says the episodes and their order.)
• A Berry Masquerade Ball, 2013 (66 minutes; See Google Play and this eBay listing.)
• Berry Perfect Pets, 2013 (See Google Play)
• Berry Tall Tales (See Google Play; same episodes and order as Campberry Tales, which is on Prime Video)
• Butterflies and Bluebirds, 2011 (See Google Play)
• Dream Dancers, 2013 (See Google Play)
• Puttin' on the Glitz (Includes 'Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow', 'Too Cool for Rules', and 'Nice as Nails')
• Starlight, Star Bright, 2011 (See Google Play; if you get Jammin' with cherry Jam, this DVD is unnecessary, and contains one less episode, anyway.)
• Summer time (See this picture of the covers. This contains the same episodes as Fun under the Sun, in the same order.)
• Team for Two, 2013 (Episode titles found on Google Play)
• Vanishing Violets, 2010 (Vanishing Violets, Babysitter Blues, Where, Oh, Where Has Our Blueberry Gone, and Manners Meltdown; episodes found on Google Play)
• A Winter Fairytale, 2012 (See Google Play and this eBay listing; has the same episodes and order of episodes as Snowberry Days, which is on Prime Video)

Compilations of compilations:
• Popstar Collection: released 10/06/2015 (found at; contains Bright Lights Big Dreams, and Jammin with Cherry Jam, according to an eBay listing)
• Princess Collection: released October 6, 2015 (found on Amazon; this includes Berry Tales and The Berryfest Princess Movie, according to the back of the DVD package)
• Winter Collection, October 6, 2015 (An Amazon review by 'A family for Christ' on 11 Dec 2019, this includes Snowberry Days and Glimmerberry Ball.")

If you're wondering which ones you actually need to buy if you want every episode, see the next post in this thread, and get the ones mentioned there. Warning: There's one compilation on Prime Video that is redundant if you get the DVD needed for one extra episode, but the post points that out.

Also see the Strawberry Shortcake YouTube Special episodes. It has similar artwork, but it's a different version of the show. You'll notice some episodes from Berry Bitty Adventures in here, too.


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Re: How to watch Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures in order

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If you just want to watch each compilation of videos uninterrupted without switching back and forth between compilations, but still want to watch the series in close to the correct order, this is probably the order you should watch them in. Asterisks mean it's not on Prime Video. The years that the compilations were released do not indicate the episode order.

• The Sky's the Limit

Season 1:
• Berry Big Help
• Bloomin' Berry Garden
• *Puttin' on the Glitz (You can purchase the DVD to watch it. The full episodes for two of the three episodes are on YouTube; see the links in the opening post.)
• Berry Friends Forever
• Bright Lights, Big Dreams
• The Berryfest Princess
• Berry Bitty Mysteries
• Glimmerberry Ball
• *Berry Best You Can Be: 3 (not an NTSC DVD; Needed for the episode called 'How You Play the Game'; the link has the full episode on YouTube)

Season 2:
• Berry Best Friends
• Jammin with Cherry Jam
• Fun Under the Sun
• Snowberry Days

Season 3:
• Berry Best in Show
• Berry Tales
• Sweet Sunshine Adventures
• Berry Bake Shop
• *A Berry Masquerade Ball: 1 (Not an NTSC DVD. It's needed for the episode called 'All Dogs Allowed'; the link has the full episode on YouTube in it, although it appears to skip out a few seconds.)

Season 4:
• Berry Hi-tech Fashion (Not needed if you get Berry Sweet & Sour)
• *Berry Sweet & Sour: 4 (Not an NTSC DVD. Needed for the episode called 'A Berry Merry Birthday', but it has all the episodes from Berry Hi-tech Fashion on it, too. The link has the full episode on YouTube.)
• Campberry Stories
• Berry Best Chef
• Dance Berry Dance

Note that non-NTSC DVDs (NTSC is region 1) are designed for DVD players outside of the USA and Canada. The USA uses NTSC DVDs. DVD players sometimes let you switch the region a few times (but only a few times). Some DVD players are region-free and will play all types.
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Re: How to watch Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures in order

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Amazon's Prime Video now sells seasons 2, 3 and 4 of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures. So, if you purchase those, the only ones you have to worry about this for are in season 1, currently. They do have season 1 listed, but the episodes are currently unavailable, except for Vanishing Violets.
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