HymnWiki's forum and blog have merged with GrowSpice™

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HymnWiki's forum and blog have merged with GrowSpice™

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HymnWiki.org is a large project that pre-dates GrowSpice™ by about twelve years. For a number of reasons, HymnWiki's old forum is being retired; the new one is part of GrowSpice™. The HymnWiki forum is primarily accessible via its subdomain, and via a link at HymnWiki.org. This merger may or may not be permanent.

HymnWiki has its own Announcement & Blog forum. So, I don't intend to keep you up-to-date about that here.

Here are some reasons why this merge has happened:
• It helps both sites to advertise each other.
• The old forum didn't have a domain name. This one is short and easy to remember: hymnwiki.growspice.com
• The old forum had a different version of the Nabble software with less functionality. The additional functionality is important for the goals of the HymnWiki forum.
• Many things are already set up here.
• The old forum required too much participation to be very useful. The new one is useful if even one person participates.

There are probably other reasons.
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