I Am Frankie series review

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I Am Frankie is a Nickelodeon show that's like a mix between a comic sitcom and something a lot more dramatic. It has an overarching plot that progresses in every episode. It's about an Android girl named Frankie who goes to school, and tries to pass for a regular human girl.

Now, the content review:


There are some things that should give parents pause for concern:

1. There's a fair amount of child dishonesty that goes on in order to keep it a secret that Dayton (Frankie's BFF) knows Frankie is an android, and to keep Frankie being an android a secret from others. Also, Jenny bribes Frankie to do chores for her, and she claims she did it (but she eventually gets found out and told her punishment).
2. A parent encourages a child to 'borrow' a shopping cart.
3. There's some non-graphic violence (not lots of it).
4. There's some (a lot) of mild teenage romance, including (but not limited to) between Frankie and a human.
5. There are some scenarios that might frighten little children who understand what's going on, particularly at the end. There are villains and stuff, and there's the stress throughout the whole show of Frankie potentially getting shut off forever.
6. Antagonists do antagonistic stuff. Not really sure I should put this under the cons, but parents need to know.
7. They kind of stole Frankie to start with (but it was for a good cause, involving national security).
8. The show introduced new plot elements at the end (although the previous stuff got resolved, for the most part), and it got canceled after that. So, we may never know all the true details.

1. A number of the characters (including popular ones) are portrayed as brainiac-types. So, this does fight the stereotype where smart people aren't popular.
2. It's funny.
3. It's entertaining.
4. People care about each other in it. There's plenty of interpersonal stuff.
5. There's character development.
6. The over-arching plot is interesting, and actually has a decent amount of re-watch value.
7. It could teach people to be less naive in social situations.
8. The characters are lovable.
9. It's a fun, feel-good show. It's hard to find anything cleaner for teenagers (The Buraeu of Magical Things is another consideration).
10. No foul language beyond euphemisms, if that.
11. You can buy it on Prime Video.
12. It's not a short series.

Now to the series review:

It's a fun and interesting show. It's well done. It's funny. People enjoy it.
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