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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I intend to update this periodically. I have not necessarily seen or evaluated any of these in particular. This is not a recommendation list. They may or may not have content that is not allowed on these forums. Surprisingly, Amazon's dates on many of these are different from IMDB's (I say it's surprising, because I did a whole lot of animated movies like this, and I don't recall that any years differed there).

Angels in the Snow, 2015 (PG)
Beverly Hills Christmas, 2015 (PG)
Beyond Christmas, 1940 (TV-G; AKA Beyond Tomorrow)
Christmas at the Palace, 2018 (TV-G)
Christmas at the Plaza, 2019 (TV-G; Amazon says 2020)
The Christmas Calendar, 2017 (unrated; Hallmark)
Christmas Camp, 2018 (TV-G; Amazon says 2019)
The Christmas Candle, 2013 (PG)
Christmas Child, 2004 (not rated; A Max Lucado story)
Christmas Cupcakes, 2018 (Amazon says 2019)
Christmas in Evergreen, 2017 (TV-G)
Christmas Lodge, 2011 (G; AKA The Christmas Lodge, 2014)
The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey, 2007 (NR)
A Christmas Movie Christmas, 2019 (unrated)
Christmas Next Door, 2017 (TV-G; Amazon says 2018)
The Christmas Ornament, 2013 (TV-G)
A Christmas Princess, 2019 (TV-PG)
A Christmas Snow, 2010 (TV-PG; Amazon says 2011)
A Christmas Solo, 2017 (TV-G; 90 min)
Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses, 2019 (TV-G)
Coming Home for Christmas, 2013 (not rated)
Coming Home for Christmas, 2017 (TV-G)
Engaging Father Christmas, 2017 (TV-G; Hallmark)
Finding Father Christmas, 2016 (TV-G; 86 min; Hallmark)
Fred Claus, 2007 (PG)
A Godwink Christmas, 2018 (TV-G; Hallmark)
A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love, 2019 (not rated; Hallmark)
A Godwink Christmas: Second Chance, First Love, 2020 (TV-G; Hallmark)
Guess Who's Coming to Christmas, 2013 (not rated)
Hitched for the Holidays, 2012 (TV-PG; 87min; Hallmark)
Jack Frost, 1998 (PG)
Journey Back to Christmas, 2016 (TV-G; Hallmark; Amazon says 2017)
The Knight Before Christmas, 2019 (TV-PG; 1h 32min; Netflix)
The Least of These: A Christmas Story, 2018
Majestic Christmas, 2018 (TV-G; Hallmark)
Marry Me for Christmas, 2013 (TV-G)
Marrying Father Christmas, 2018 (TV-G; Hallmark)
Miracle Maker, 2015 (Not rated; 90 min)
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, 2008 (TV-PG)
Mr. Christmas, 2005 (G; Amazon says 2012)
My Christmas Inn, 2018 (TV-G/TV-PG)
The Nine Lives of Christmas, 2014 (TV-G)
Once Upon a Holiday, 2015 (TV-G; Amazon says 2018)
The Perfect Gift, 2009 (not rated)
A Prince for Christmas, 2015
A Princess for Christmas, 2011 (TV-G)
The Princess Switch, 2018 (TV-PG; 101 min; Netflix)
The Princess Switch: Switched Again, 2020 (TV-G; 1h 36min; Netflix)
The Rooftop Christmas Tree, 2016 (TV-G; Amazon says 2017)
Snowed-Inn Christmas, 2017 (TV-PG)
The Spirit of Christmas, 2015 (PG)
Summertime Christmas, 2010 (not rated)
Take Peace! A Corgi Cottage Christmas, 2018 (All; 45 min)
Trading Christmas, 2011 (G; AKA Debbie Macomber's Trading Christmas)
A Veteran's Christmas, 2018 (TV-G; Amazon says 2019)
A Wish for Christmas, 2016 (TV-G)
Write Before Christmas, 2019 (TV-G)

See also this list of Christmas movie parent guides (for movies that were 99¢ on Prime Video at the time I added them to the post).
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