Indian Stripe tomato

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Indian Stripe tomato

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Here's my Indian Stripe tomato, this year, so far. I've grown Indian Zebra before, which is presumably the same thing. I thought this was going to be ISPL, but it was regular leaf, and I found out it was supposed to be the regular leaf version. That's fine. My ISPL from my other source froze, I believe; so, I'm not growing ISPL, this year. I do hope to grow it another year.

Anyway, in 2016, I overwatered Indian Zebra, in an area with full sun. It had a fairly small plant with large, watery fruit. They didn't have lots of flavor to me. This year, I'm growing them in a more shaded area (it has room to grow into a sunny location), with some shredded poplar wood in the soil. I guess we'll see what happens!

Indian Stripe tomato plant.

Location: SW Idaho, USA
Climate: BSk
USDA hardiness zone: 6
Elevation: 2,260 feet
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