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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I watched the first episode of Izzy's Koala World on Netflix the other day. If you're even marginally interested in koalas, I recommend it.

Anyway, it's about this girl who helps rehabilitate koalas, and stuff like that. The koalas seem a lot more like domesticated pets than wild animals, which really surprised me. They seem quite intelligent and expressive. I didn't realize koalas could jump so high, so fast, either!

It's charming, entertaining, and educational. It seems to be non-fiction, but it's not boring (I'm not terribly into most non-fiction TV—yeah, I can enjoy it, but I'd rather do something else). The first episode was very child/family friendly.

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Re: Izzy's Koala World review

In watching the second episode, I noticed an exclamatory deity reference--didn't see that one coming! Anyway, for that reason, I wouldn't recommend the show, but koala-wise, it seems great.
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