Kellogg's Beefsteak tomato

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Kellogg's Beefsteak tomato

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Here's my Kellogg's Beefsteak tomato, so far, this year. This is from seeds I saved from tasty fruit in 2015. I grew it in 2015, in tough soil, and it didn't prosper, but it did produce a few undersized very tasty fruits. I attribute the lack of vigor and the undersized fruit to the soil, since other tomatoes struggled in it, too. The only ones to do decently in that soil were Galapagos Island (and their fruits were somewhat undersized and extra dark / concentrated-looking). Note that I grew Galapagos Island elsewhere that same year (and the fruits were larger and lighter in color).

Note that I'm growing KBX and Kellogg's Breakfast, this year, too.

Kellogg's Beefsteak tomato plant.

Location: SW Idaho, USA
Climate: BSk
USDA hardiness zone: 6
Elevation: 2,260 feet
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