Lassie animated series review

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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I recently watched all 26 episodes of the animated Lassie TV series on Paramount+. It's actually really good. Lots of action and dangerous situations. Plenty of character development. Young main characters and their parents/community. It's set in the mountains and forest. It deserves more attention. Great voice artists. High quality children's animation. Strong female protagonist. It can be emotional at times.

If you like any of these shows, you'll likely enjoy Lassie, too:

* Wendy (the animated horse show)
* Horseland
* Spirit: Riding Free (FYI: SRF is a well-done show, but I'm not recommending it)
* Elena of Avalor
* Sofia the First
* Abby Hatcher
* Go, Diego, Go
* Wonder Pets

No, Lassie isn't a horse show. Those first three are just the closest shows that come to mind.

* Many scenes might be frightening for young children.
* There are antagonists at times.
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