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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
MKX_ is a tomato  breeding project. MKX_A F1 was the first plant of the project, grown in 2017, and was a cross between Medovaya Kaplya and another tomato. The cross evidently happened in my own garden in 2016 (when I grew the true Medovaya Kaplya, and probably over a hundred other tomato varieties).

The father of the cross would seem to be a regular leaf, round, red tomato, possibly with deeply attached calyces that can't be removed without removing part of the tomato (which seems to be a recessive trait), but I don't know what variety it was.

The Snacker_ project is a child of MKX_A, however, MKX_ lives on, and not just through Snacker_. In 2022, I grew MKX-A F2 seeds, and under colder-than-usual seed-starting conditions, three plants survived (very few tomatoes of other varieties that I started at that time survived); the MKX_ plants that survived and are still alive are called MKX_B (PL), MKX_B0 (RL), and MKX_B1 (RL).

MKX_B is the first tomato to have set fruit in my garden, in 2022 (which wasn't entirely a surprise, considering I planted it in the historically best-producing spot in the garden, which also tends to get early fruit--but it's still impressive, as it's far outpacing all the others, including the probable Galapagos Island volunteers). So far, it has 7 fruits that have set on its first truss (probably with more coming), and until today (AFAIK) no other tomatoes had set fruit, yet (but plenty were blooming, and I noticed that two volunteers set fruit--probably Galapagos Island). MKX_B fruits appear to be somewhat ovate; I don't know what color they will be (red or yellow, I imagine).

MKX_B1 was very vigorous during the seed-starting process (more so than MKX_B), but it died back at one point, and is quickly catching up. MKX_B0 is the smallest of the three, but it's doing well.

MKX_B was also vigorous during the seed-starting process (not quite as vigorous as MKX_B1), and is remarkably vigorous post-transplant.
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