Mineral supplementation via fruiting crops

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Mineral supplementation via fruiting crops

West India burr gherkins are easy to grow. They fruit fairly early, prolifically, often, and all season. They're refreshing to eat. They can have an excellent shelf life. They have edible seeds within.

I'm thinking they're a good candidate for a crop to use to help supplement minerals in people. Just give them whatever minerals you want in your diet, and there should be more of that in the fruit.

Wonderberries might be just as good. They're even easier to grow, and fruit even more often. Whatever the case, I've already tried it with West India burr gherkins, this year, and I felt like I was nourished well. I should give them even more kinds of nutrients, and do the same with a wonderberry plant.

I did this with watermelons in 2018, again, with desirable results.

Minerals of interest especially include magnesium, but also zinc, potassium, copper, phosphorus, sulfur, iron, silica, and calcium.

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