Most influential works in children's media

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Content warning: The works mentioned in this thread may or may not be family-friendly. I haven't reviewed them all for myself, either.

Let's start off this list with The Prince and the Pauper. You might not believe the enormity of movies and TV episodes that have been inspired by this book. It must be a great-selling plot, since they keep making movies and shows that use it (and I personally enjoy them despite the familiar theme; however, there are lots of variations on the theme that might not be obviously related at first glance). I have not, however, read the book, yet; so, I plan to listen to this free audiobook from LibriVox:

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Re: Most influential works in children's media

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This is in no particular order, but next comes the Nickelodeon TV series called Doug. If you watch a lot of modern children's TV shows, and then you watch Doug, you'll notice some similarities that weren't common in cartoons besides Doug in the 1990s. I think I already made a post about this, but it's worth mentioning twice.
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