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Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
I only include forums for shows that meet certain good criteria. No show is perfect, though, but I draw the line pretty strictly.

If you're wondering why so many of the forums are for children's shows, and why so many of them are shows targeted at girls, it's because shows targeted at children, especially girls, coincidentally happen to often meet that criteria (if I found more stuff outside the realm of children's shows that met it, I would include it, too, but sadly, most content for adults is highly objectional; nevertheless, I think children's shows are important, and need more attention). I have a goal to be aware of and familiar with good clean shows, whether they're for my particular demographic or not (and honestly, I've always liked kid's shows ever since I was a child; they're awesome). However, you'll notice that most of the shows listed here probably weren't around when I was a child, though; that's because it's easier to find modern stuff that is less objectional, and less focused on action/adventure/violence (and more focused on love, kindness, friendship, etc.)

It gives me great anguish that people act like girls are the only ones who should be loving, supportive, and kind (they should be, but so should everyone else; all the stuff there to help girls be loving, supportive, and kind should be there, but that sort of thing should exist for everyone else, too).

Here are some things that are likely to make me want to make a forum for a show:

The show
* Promotes love (I don't mean sexual love, but romance in a family-friendly show is cool, too, if it's clean and moral)
* Is uplifting
* Isn't vulgar/crude/lewd (by my particular standards of vulgar/crewd/lewd--not just anybody's)
* Has characters who set good examples
* Is educational
* Is not violent
* Doesn't have drugs/alcohol/gambling
* Teaches you how to be a better person
* Teaches maturity
* Teaches social/emotional skills
* Is about interpersonal relationships (if it's about saving the world or something, that's great, but I think shows about interpersonal relationships are more enriching)
* Is entertaining
* Has high re-watch value
* Stimulates positive thoughts
* Does not express hate
* Is not sarcastic
* Has honest characters
* Has character development
* Has bad people become good
* Contains no disturbing content

Of course, not every show with a forum has 100% honest characters and stuff like that, but I strive for the best. Disclaimer: You should review everything yourself instead of taking my word for it, however.

The intention of these forums is to promote positive content/discussion of the actual shows. It's not to promote fandom, shipping, conventions, fan art, fan fiction, etc. It's not to promote complaining about shows (but you can review them, including to point out content that isn't family-friendly; just be nice.) The forums are intended to be safe havens for people who actually like the shows (who can legally use the forums); so, if you don't like the show, don't ruin it for everyone. If you have a bad attitude, don't post.
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