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Ovita tomato

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This is one of the best-tasting tomatoes I've ever had, and probably the most complex in flavor. It's amazing, but not sweet. It's a small tomato, or a large cherry. It's ruffled like a stuffing tomato, but my fruits weren't hollow (although I understand the variety is known to be kind of hollow at least sometimes).

I grew this in 2016, in a container.

I'm growing two plants, this year. One, from seeds I saved in 2016, and another from the original packet. Here they are! These pictures were taken on 27 May 2020.

From seeds from doublehelixfarms.com:
Ovita tomato plant from seeds purchased from doublehelixfarms.com

From my saved seeds:
Ovita tomato plant from my seeds I saved in 2016.

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