Particularly notable or impressive tomato breeds

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Particularly notable or impressive tomato breeds

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Based off of things I've read (I do a lot of tomato research), and some things I've grown, I'm going to make a list of particularly notable tomato varieties here. I've only tried some of these. They're not all my personal favorites, but in my opinion, they're all notable, and if you grow them all I'm sure you'll be enriched.

Note that if I say 'see also', I don't necessarily mean that there's a genetic relationship between those two tomatoes, but rather that I think those ones may also be of interest. If it starts with a question mark that means I suspect it belongs in this list, but I'm not 100% sure.

If I put an exclamation mark before it, that means I personally think it belongs here, but that few to no other people that I know of particularly do. Two exclamations means other people think it belongs here, but from my experience, I don't particularly agree.

Tomatoes make it to this list due to one or more of several factors:
• Unusually good taste
• Production / vigor
• Popularity
• Hardiness
• Other notable qualities

• Amana Orange (Burrough's Strain; see also the regular Amana Orange, and Chef's Choice Orange F1)
• ?Ambrosia Red
• Amish Paste
• !!Aunt Gertie's Gold
• Aunt Ginny's Purple
• !!Azoychka
• Bear Creek
• Better Boy F1
• Black Beauty
• Black Cherry (see also Austin's Black Cherry)
• Black from Tula
• Black Krim (see also Noir de Crimee')
• !!Black Prince
• ?Black Sea Man
• Bloody Butcher (also see Mat-Su Express)
• Blush
• Box Car Willie
• Brandy Boy F1
• Brandywine (Sudduth's, OTV, Cowlick's, Yellow, Black, True Black, Red; also similar types like Caspian Pink)
• Camp Joy
• Carbon
• Celebrity F1
• Cherokee Purple (also see some other Cherokee types: Cherokee Chocolate, Cherokee Green, and Cherokee Lime)
• Chocolate Cherry
• Chocolate Sprinkles F1
• Crimson Cushion (AKA Beefsteak)
• Cuostralee (see also Pink Cuostralee)
• Dester
• Domingo
• Dr. Wyche's Yellow (see also Sweet Ozark Orange)
• Druzba
• Early Girl F1
• EM Champion
• !Galapagos Island (S. cheesmaniae; the early, yellow, round cherry)
• German Johnson
• Girl Girl's Weird Thing
• Gold Medal
• Green Doctors (also see Green Doctors Frosted, Dr. Carolyn, Dr. Carolyn Pink, and Galinas)
• Green Tiger (also see Maglia Rosa and Pink Tiger)
• !!Green Zebra
• Hillbilly PL
• Indian Stripe PL (see also Indian Stripe / !!Indian Zebra, and Cherokee Purple)
• Italian Heirloom
• J.D.'s Special C-Tex
• Jagodka
• Japanese Black Trifele
• Jaune Flammee
• ?Jim Dandy
• Juliet F1 (see also Jujube)
• KBX (see also Kellogg's Breakfast and Kellogg's Beefsteak)
• Malakhitovaya Shkatulka (see also Aunt Ruby's German Green, Green Giant, Grubb's Mystery Green, Hugh's, Cherokee Green, Cherokee Lime, etc.)
• !!Marianna's Peace
• !Marion (see also Homestead and Rutgers)
• Marzano Fire
• Mountain Princess
• !Napoli
• Opalka
• Orange Jazz (see also Jazz)
• !Ovita
• Pale Perfect Purple
• Pantano Romanesco
• Paul Robeson
• Persimmon
• !!Pineapple
• Pink Berkeley Tie Dye (see also Berkeley Tie Dye)
• Pink Oxheart
• Polish Linguisa
• Pruden's Purple (see also Vorlon)
• Rebel Yell
• Roma (also see VF Roma)
• Rutgers (see also Rutgers 250, Rutgers Schermerhorn 250, and Marion)
• Sausage
• !Sheboygan
• Stump of the World
• SunGold F1 (see also SunSugar F1, SunOrange F1, etc.)
• Super Snow White
• Sweet Cherriette
• Terhune
• Thessaloniki (see also Creole)
• Thessaloniki Ox Heart (AKA Thessie O; Note that 'Ox Heart' is the correct spelling in the variety name, even though oxheart is the correct spelling for the shape of this tomato.)
Location: SW Idaho, USA
Climate: BSk
USDA hardiness zone: 6
Elevation: 2,260 feet
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