Discussion pertaining primarily to edible plants, fruits, culinary herbs, and culinary spices. This does contain forums for some inedible and/or toxic plants (for crafts, fabric, herbs, houseplants, etc.) Research anything before you eat it.

Radishrain's 2020 pepper grow list

in Pepper
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
• 7 Pot Gigantic SR Chocolate • Aji Habanero (seeds saved in 2019) • Big Mustard Mamma • Black Mustard Bhutlah (seeds saved in 2019) • Bulgarian Carrot • Georgescu Chocolate (saved seeds) • Jimmy Nardello Italian x Corbaci F2 (saved seeds) • Lipstick (saved seeds) • Neapolitan (seeds more

Sunroot chromosomes and genetics

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by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
This article is interesting: It gives us to know that sunroots are hexaploids (among lots of other interesting things).

Wild sunroot seeds

in Sunroot
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
Here are some seeds from the sunroots I grew (I say they're wild because I got my original seeds from a wildflower store). Anyway, I have a lot more seeds to go (these are all of this year's flowers): Those pictures were taken maybe a couple days ago or so. I got more seeds out of more

Cold hardy tomato harvest

in Solanum cheesmaniae
by Radishrain • | | 3 comments
I know our first frost was in October some time ago, and we've had lots of hard freezes since then. All the tomato plants are long dead, and most of the fruits are flat, soft, and/or and drained and dried (including the green, unripe ones). However, my Galapagos Island tomato plant (also long more

Citron watermelon crisp

in Citron Watermelon
by Radishrain • | | 2 comments
So, I'm making some Red-seeded Citron watermelon (AKA Colorado Preserving Melon, AKA Tsamma) crisp. It's basically a mock apple crisp. This is my second time making it. It tastes approximately like apple crisp. Sorry—I don't have exact proportions to tell you. Filling ingredients: * Citron more
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