Discussion pertaining primarily to edible plants, fruits, culinary herbs, and culinary spices. This does contain forums for some inedible and/or toxic plants (for crafts, fabric, herbs, houseplants, etc.) Research anything before you eat it.
by Radishrain • | | 1 comment This thread is for declaring (and experimenting with) foliar spray application rates of fertilizer, minerals, and such, since they can be pretty hard to find or convert, sometimes. Sources for information are below. Feel free to reply with more information, if you know more
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I've invented a system to help keep track of which plants are which, and where they came from. You don't have to worry about what my IDs or names mean--but if you're curious, here you go. If you wish to use this system yourself, and are new to it, feel free to consult with me, if you want more

Pizza-dipping sauce recipe

in Lycopersicon
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I made a good pizza dipping sauce with some home-canned tomatoes, on 2 June 2021 : a quart of home-canned tomatoes, as well as granulated garlic, onion powder, basil, pink sea salt, black pepper, paprika, and two fresh sage leaves, with extra virgin olive oil added when it was nearly done). If more

Eating pineapple can reduce eye floaters

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Does black pepper really stop a wound from bleeding?

in Piper
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So, I saw a video that portrayed someone putting black pepper on a medium wound to stop it from bleeding. I cut myself, today (on a pineapple can while washing it); it was bleeding a surprising amount for not being a major cut. So, I decided to try the black pepper. I sprinkled it on. It more

Meaning of aerial roots in Thanksgiving cactuses

in Thanksgiving Cactus
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