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Political threads and posts are forbidden.

• (Exceptions are noted far below.)


Q: Will I ban you for it?
A: Probably not. I'll likely just delete or edit your post. Alternatively, I may just reply to it with a warning. If whether it's political is a gray area, it's probably okay to post, as long as it's nice. I mean, it's okay to talk about things that are political issues if you're not talking about them in a political way (for instance, remarking on how it's hotter these days than it used to be is fine, while saying people are stupid because they don't believe in climate change is not, as that's an argument that is being used politically; plus, it's an insult, and you're not allowed to insult people here).

Q: What if it's not controversial?
A: I might not care. The purpose of forbidding political posts is to help forum members be peaceful and happy. Please don't be offended if I delete or edit your post.

Q: Should I get angry at people who post political stuff?
A: No. Just tell them the rules and/or report the post. Be friendly.


• For posts with the organic_gardening tag, you may discuss politics related to organic gardening, so long as you are either neutral or have a bias in favor of organic gardening. If you're not an organic gardening proponent, please don't troll these posts. Yes, you can also speak about anti-GMO stuff, food labeling laws, and all that there.
• For posts with the herbalism_ tag, you may discuss politics related to herbalism, so long as you are either neutral or have a bias in favor of herbalism. If you're not a proponent of herbalism, please do not troll those who are.
• In all forums, you may discuss politics related to intellectual property, so long as it's on-topic.
• It's okay to talk about national holidays, political or not.
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