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This document was last updated on 6 March 2020. Refer only to the most recent version of this policy.

GrowSpice™ is a free forum hosted by Nabble. See Nabble's Privacy Policy for most of your concerns. Note that GrowSpice™ refers to a website (not to a business, nor to an organization).

GrowSpice™ administrators have access to your registered email address. This is for administrative purposes.

If you email another user via the website, it will give the other user your email address.

Messages exchanged by members via email is not within the jurisdiction of GrowSpice™. GrowSpice™ does not have access to these messages, even where users email other users directly from the website.

Your forum posts are not private, since other members can see them.

See the Liability page for more relevant information, such as licensing, and use of non-private information.
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