Purple Calabash tomato

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Purple Calabash tomato

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The Purple Calabash tomato is quite controversial on the website called TomatoJunction (and it was at Tomatoville, if it's not still). A lot of people don't like the flavor at all, but some love it. I decided I might like it, since it's supposed to be prolific and acidic. So, this year, I planted two cells of plants (each from a different source, in case one is cross-pollinated).

My plants are vigorous, so far.

Here are my plants, so far, this year. These pictures were taken on 27 May 2020.

Here's the plant I have from an unknown source (trade or gift), although it's probably from either Tormato of Tomatoville, or else from my friend in California (probably the latter):
Purple Calabash tomato plant.

Here's the plant I have from Heirloomtomaguy of Tomatoville:
Purple Calabash tomato from seeds from Heirloomtomaguy of Tomatoville (recieved via Tormato).

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