Raifu's 2021 tomato to-grow list

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Raifu's 2021 tomato to-grow list

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This list is still young. Most of the items haven't been properly assessed and/or added, yet. Some items are based on whether or not I get/save seeds to grow them from my harvest, this year.

• Aunt Ginny's Purple
• Black Cherry
• Bloody Butcher
• Caspian Pink
• Chadwick Cherry
• Cherokee Carbon
• Cherokee Chocolate
• Cherokee Green
• Cherokee Lime
• Cherokee Yellow
• Cherokee Yellow Red Pear
• Cherokee Yellow Yellow Pear
• Church
• Cosmic Eclipse
• Dinner Plate
• Egg Yolk
• Eva Purple Ball
• Galapagos Island (Solanum cheesmaniae; from the anti-freeze seeds, ideally from new ones from 2020 should I grow them as planned)
• Girl Girl's Weird Thing (from multiple sources)
• Green Giant x Golden King of Siberia F2 (try for a PL plant)
• Husky Red offtype
• Indigo Cherry Drops
• Isis Candy
• ISPL (Tormato's)
• Italian Heirloom
• Jagodka
• Japanese Black Trifele
• Juliet F2
• Kellogg's Beefsteak cross
• Market Wonder
• Medovaya Kaplya F3 (try for another RL cross)
• Mexican Yellow cross (ideally F4 and/or F3)
• Marion
• Marzano Fire
• Napoli
• Near-multiflora Brandy Boy cross F3 or F4
• Nineveh
• Ovita
• Pale Perfect Purple
• Paul Robeson
• Peacevine Cherry
• Plum Bush
• Purple Russian
• Red Beefsteak
• Ron's Carbon Copy cross (from seeds saved in 2017)
• Rosalita
• Rose
• Silvery Fir Tree
• Sprite
• Stellar F3
• Stick
• SunChocola F2 or F3
• SunGold F1
• SunLemon F2
• SunOrange F2
• SunPeach F2
• Tart Brandy Boy cross F3 or F4
• Ten-chamber Husky Cherry Red x Sweet Orange Cherry F3

If I get seeds:
• Brandywine Cherry
• Yellow Ping Pong

Put Stick tomatoes between all the tomatoes with huge plants.

Location: SW Idaho, USA
Climate: BSk
USDA hardiness zone: 6
Elevation: 2,260 feet
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