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I'm only interested in public domain seeds (no utility patents, plant patents, PVP, PVPAF, and no OSSI-pledged varieties, please). I like the OSSI mission, but I only want public domain seeds. No seeds from grocery store produce, please. No genetically engineered seeds, please. No dwarf tomato project seeds, please (they're OSSI). No tomatoes that are even possibly descended from Kumato, please (it has a utility patent, and at least one kind of plant patent; plus, it's a grocery store tomato). No Indigo Rose tomato or Black Pearl F1 pepper (they're PVP).

* Jamaican
* Liso Calcutta

* Brown Mustard
* White Mustard
* Black Mustard

Ground cherries:
* Wild, perennial, red-fruited ground cherries with good taste and production, if you happen to have some

* Chervil
* Culantro
* Kaffir Lime (seeds, of course)
* Mexican Tarragon
* Pipicha
* Summer Cilantro (Papalo)
* Roselle
* Vietnamese Cilantro

* Any large or prolific muskmelon that I don't already have; by large, I mean they can normally get to be at least 5lbs. Siignificant flavor is desired.
* Any honeydew types that I don't already have
* Ashkahabad
* Crane

• Murasaki Purple

* Whole fresh or naturally dried berries from any large-fruited variety whose seeds that I don't already have planted. (I have Tresca, Fresca, Ozark Beauty, Quinault, and several alpines.) Yes, I plant the fruits.
* Ogallala

* Queen of Malinalco tomatillo
* Yellow (the kind that Trade Winds Fruit sells)

(An asterisk after the name means it's higher priority than the others in the list.)
* Any I don't have (and many I do; crosses and F2+ hybrids are also fine, but please tell me that they're crosses or F2 hybrids if you're aware; F1 hybrids are fine, too; I'm especially into prolific, early, sour, and giant tomatoes)
* Your favorite tomatoes (wherein the seed you're offering is seed you've saved yourself—even if I already have the variety, in many cases)
• Alaskan Gold
• Amana Orange (Burrough's Strain)
• Amish Paste
Ararat Flame
• Backfield
• Bill Bean
• Borgo Cellano
• Brandywine (Joyce's Strain)
• Brandywine Cherry
• Buratino
• Cherokee Purple Potato Leaf
• Chocolate Cherry*
• Chocolate Sprinkles F1 or F2+
• County Agent
• Dr. Carolyn
• Dr. Carolyn Pink
• Early Glee
• EM Champion
• Emily
Estonian Yellow Cherry
• Faelan's First Snow (a variegated Cherokee Purple with four colors/shades)
• Fargo
• Fargo Yellow Pear
• Fejee Improved*
• Galina's
Giant of Siebenburgen
Gill's All Purpose
• Gleckler's Yellow Cherry
• Green Doctors
• Green Doctors Frosted
• Hugh's
• Iva's Red Berry (prolific and tasty; early-ish; one Carolyn seemed to like)
• J.D.'s Special C-tex
• Jim Dandy*
• Joe's Portuguese
• Jujube
• June Pink
• Kalinka
• Lee Williams
• Lemon Drop
• Li Cun
• Limmony
• Linnie's Oxheart
• Livingston Beauty
• Liz Bert
• Maria
• Medovaja Kapiyia
• Mega Marv
• Momentado*
• Neves Azorean Red
* Olga's Round Yellow Chicken Egg
• Orange-1
• Paquebot Roma
• Pearmech (cucurbitbreeding says it's similar to Napoli with a smaller plant and larger fruit)
• Pink Cuostralee
• Polen Yellow Pear
• Polish C
• Polish Ellis
Polen Yellow Pear
• Poll Robson Angolan
• Redfield Beauty
• Rutgers 250*
• Rutgers 250 Schermerhorn*
• Sasha's Altai* (not the one from TomatoFest—nothing against TomatoFest)
• SunCherry F1
• Sunray (may be high acid, but yellow; 75 days)
• Sweet Cherriette
• Sweetie (beefsteak)
• Tappy's Finest
• Tappy's Heritage*
• Variegated*
• Velvet Red (1" red, fuzzy, tasty, prolific, indeterminate, midseason, cherry)
• Wheatley's Frost Resistant*
• Wilford
• Wisconsin 55
• Wisconsin 55 Gold
• Wisconsin Chief
• Yellow Ping Pong*
• Zolotaya Kanareyka (Golden Canary)

* Any large, prolific, or winter watermelon that I don't already have, as well as crosses from your garden
* Black-seeded Ice Cream
* Blue Rind
* Bush Charleston Gray
* Bush Desert King
* Bush Jubilee
* Calhoun Sweet (drought-tolerant; early; prolific; good quality)
* Carolina Cross (only if your Carolina Cross seeds sprout as fast as other watermelons)
* Desert King
* Sangria F1
* Sweet Favorite OP
* Tohono O'odham Yellow-Meated
* Truck Buster F1

* Toothbrush Tree seeds
Location: SW Idaho, USA
Climate: BSk
USDA hardiness zone: 6
Elevation: 2,260 feet
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