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It's okay to talk about religious dates and holidays like Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, Yom Kipper, Pioneer Day, and Lent, and things that pertain to them, in the context of celebrating or experiencing those holidays. Similar things are probably okay, too. Threads should still be on-topic where posted, however. They should be respectful of the religions of those holidays.

Religious discussion is allowed within the HymnWiki forum and its sub-forums. Hymns, Christmas songs, many anthems, and other religious songs are inherently religious; so, it makes sense to allow them to be discussed. Please stay on-topic in those forums. Do not criticize. Avoid being passive aggressive or baiting.

Speaking positively or neutrally of the religious principles upon which your country was founded is perfectly fine.

If the content is not already covered above, the following rules in all of the following paragraphs apply:

Creating pro-God religious threads relating to your own religion (or beliefs) is allowed (they still must be on-topic). Replying to religious threads, however, is only allowed if your posts are in pleasant harmony with the thread (and/or if they make no religious comments); you need not be a member of the religion to reply, however. Be nice to those who create religious threads; if you're irritating them, you probably shouldn't be in that thread. You might get banned. Religious criticism is very much against the rules. If criticizing one or more other religions is part of your religion, it is still just as much against the rules.

For the most part, religious replies should only be made to religious threads, but there may be some rare exceptions. The spirit of the law matters. The spirit of the law is to uplift and edify both others and yourself, and to allow like-minded individuals to discuss matters in peace.

Complaining about any religion is against the rules, as is demeaning any religion.

Telling people religious consequences for their actions, inactions, or state-of-being is entirely against the rules.

Creating posts about other people's religions is allowed if you obtain permission from an administrator (not just any moderator). Expressing doubt about any religion is against the rules.

Some religious threads may be deleted even if they seem to follow the rules.

The religious_ tag should be added to religious posts.
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