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Note: If you're in the USA and want free seeds for any of my breeding projects, don't hesitate to ask. I would love for you or others to grow them.

* Project name: Snacker_
* Status: Almost stable as of the F2, actually (due to so many recessive traits showing up); growing F4s in 2022. The flavor, sweetness-level, days to maturity, and shallow calyx attachment are the traits that may still need stabilization.
* Parentage: Medovaya Kaplya x a round red RL tomato (probably an off-type RL Kimberley or a Husky Cherry Red F3)
* Growth habit: Indeterminate
* Leaf-type: Potato leaf (this trait is from Medovaya Kaplya)
* Fruit-size: large cherry (same size as Egg Yolk, but no relation)
* Fruit-color: Yellow (same as Medovaya Kaplya)
* Fruit-shape: Round (same shape as Egg Yolk, but no relation)
* Taste: Sweet (not super sweet like Medovaya Kaplya); more complex than Medovaya Kaplya
* Maturity: Early-ish
* Production: Prolific
* Plant-size: Medium-large
* Usage: all-purpose, but makes an excellent snacking tomato (note that I do not consider Medovaya Kaplya all-purpose)
* Seed count: pretty normal for a cherry tomato (not low, but not super high)
* Known to reseed in my garden
* Origin: Snacker_ resulted from an incidental cross that happened in 2016 (the crossed F1 seeds were first grown in 2017, and that F1 plant is known as MKX_A, but the Snacker_ project was born in 2020 from an F2). Bred in western Idaho (I'm doing the selection).
* Growing conditions: black plastic; Snacker_A F2 had very little water and full sun, except for Snacker_B1; the F3s had more water than the F2, but still not a lot; they had full sun; the F3s were volunteers, and received foliar sprays of calcium nitrate and 24-8-16 Miracle Gro (as well as one of potassium sulfate), and had a handful of Epsom salt, and three handfuls of wood ash. Snacker_B had a cage; Snacker_B0, Snacker_B1, and Snacker_A did not have a cage. Hot dry weather both years. The F1 (before Snacker_) was right by a current bush, and the soil seemed poor; Medovaya Kaplya was crowded, overwatered, and had full sun.

Picture of some F3s (probably from Snacker_B):


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