Here, you may discuss software applications (apps), websites, source code, etc. Some types of software are on-topic in other forums (e.g. e-books, audiobooks, video games, interactive fiction, hypertext fiction, digital music, and digital video).
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Also see: • Termux is basically a command-line Linux distribution that you can use on Android. You can download it here: You can either download more
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments This thread is for discussion of the wikiweb Python 3.x modules. To download it, go here , click on the Code drop-down button and click Download ZIP.
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See also • So, now that I have an Android device and a bluetooth keyboard for it, I've decided to use Termux (downloaded from the F-Droid appstore). I've been wanting to program, write and stuff on a command-line app for Termux; so, after more
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