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by Radishrain • | | 0 comments This language looks pretty awesome. Basically, it's a low-level language wrapped in a high-level language (Lua), and it has access to C libraries. So, you in your code, you have Lua code on the outside, Terra code within special Terra functions, and you can access C more
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Here's an awesome extensible MUD server for Python: You don't have to use it to make MUDs, of course. It appears that you could use it to easily make text-based, interactive websites with user accounts and stuff (but yeah, telnet's not secure; so, you more
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1. Install Termux. 2. On Termux, type `pkg install openssh`. 3. On your Xubuntu desktop open a command-line and type `sudo apt install openssh-server` (if it's not already installed and running). 4. On Termux, type `ssh -Y [Your username]@[Your desktop computer's IP Address]` where your more
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