Tomato soup recipe, October 2020

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Tomato soup recipe, October 2020

* 1 quart stewed tomatoes
* Black pepper (a liberal amount)
* Onion powder
* Garlic powder (or else granulated garlic)
* Milk (a liberal amount)
* Himalayan pink sea salt
* Parmesian cheese (a liberal amount is fine)
* A bay leaf (optional)

Blend up the quart of stewed tomatoes and the bay leaf thoroughly in the blender, and pour into a glass sauce pot. Add the pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, parmesian cheese, and Himalayan sea salt. Boil it on high or medium high until it's thoroughly boiling. Take it off the burner, and add a liberal amount of milk. Stir. Put it back on the burner and boil again. Then turn off the burner and set aside. Make grilled cheese sandwiches while you're waiting for it to cool.

* The milk does not stick or burn when you cook the soup before cooking the milk in the soup.
* If your tomatoes are quite acidic, the milk should take care of that, and mellow it out.
* Himalayan pink sea salt tastes really good, by the way.
* Black pepper improves the taste of tomatoes, and many other fruits. Don't skip it.
* The stewed tomatoes I used did have skins and seeds.

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Climate: BSk
USDA hardiness zone: 6
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