Tomato to-grow list for 2022

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Tomato to-grow list for 2022

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Here's what on my tomato to-grow list (so far) for 2021; this is subject to change:

Frog Princess
Yellow Marble
Early Treat F2
Napoli crosses
Galapagos Island
Roma VF
Garden Leader Monster
Brandywine OTV, Cowlick's, Red, Brown, Yellow, Sudduth's, Black, True Black, etc.
Brandywine Cherry
Aunt Gertie's Yellow Cherry
Caspian Pink
Cherokee Purple
Big Cheef
J.D. Special C-tex
Cherokee Lime
Cherokee Green
Cherokee Green Pear
Cherokee Golden
Pruden's Purple (new source)
Chris's Greek Mama
Brad's Black Heart
Big Beef F1
Japanese Black Trifele
Cold Black Brandy
Green Tiger
Matina Bush
Frittata Kitchen
Thessie O
Green Giant x Golden King of Siberia F2
Brandy Boy OP
Brandy Boy crosses and/or Picnic_2 and/or Picnic_3

More from JohnnyRock and Julianna.

If I have it:
Cole (See if Julianna gave it to you.)

If I get seeds:
Bobcat F1+
Yellow Ping Pong

Location: SW Idaho, USA
Climate: BSk
USDA hardiness zone: 6
Elevation: 2,260 feet
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