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Oregano herbal tea/infusion

in Oregano
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
We've got a thriving, but heavily budding, oregano plant outside. I decided to make some herbal tea with some of it, to see what it was like. It was surprisingly good, even with all the buds! If you enjoy mint tea, you'll probably like this, too. The herbal tea had a pleasant floral smell as I more

Our Sempervivum

in Houseleek
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
Here's a picture of some of our Sempervivum. It may be Sempervivum tectorum, but I'm not certain:

Pruning cucurbits to the third degree of ramifications

in Cucurbit
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
I read somewhere that the third degree of ramifications on cucumbers (I think that was the species of cucurbit) was more prolific than lower degrees. I kind of wonder if going out more degrees of ramifications increases production for all cucurbits, given a long enough season. With tomatoes, more

Salsify and Welsh onions heads, together

in Western Salsify
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
I'm pretty sure this is western salsify (it has yellow flowers that look like that), and I know that's a bunching onion with it (possibly Crimson Forest). This picture was taken on 18 June 2020. welsh_onion

Genetic engineering tomato traits (such as fruit size)

in Tomato
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments The above article explains a discovery. They now know how to use genetic engineering to change tomato traits, such as fruit size. They figure it'll work for other plants, too, such as ground cherries. more

Marcella Hazan tomato sauce onion uses

in Common Onion
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments This is a news article that tells what you can do with the leftover onion halves from making Marcella Hazan tomato sauce. tomato_ sauce_

Ketchup leather

in Domestic Tomato
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
So, I had the idea to make ketchup leather. I looked it up and found this article, which gives the even better idea of eating it on hamburgers (I was just thinking about eating it plain): Anyway, it's fruit leather made out of more

Volunteer hollyhock

in Hollyhock
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
Here's a volunteer hollyhock from a few days ago or so. It's nice and green, this year.

Radishrain: Our grape vines

in Vitis vinifera
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
Here are our grape vines, this year. There isn't much variegated grape leafhopper damage. There were lots of leafhoppers, but they disappeared, and came back, and I think they might be gone again.

Grape cutting survived and rooted!

in Vitis vinifera
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
Here's a grape cutting that survived and apparently rooted! We've had some cool and wet weather that probably helped it out.

Chilacayote burrito wrap

in Cucurbita ficifolia
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
I was eating some burritos, today (baked frozen chimichangas), and decided to wrap the last one in some chilacayote leaves from the garden, as I had done first recently. I first put a stack of leaves in the toaster oven on bake for a few minutes (to make them softer). Then I wrapped the burrito more

Harvesting bunching onion seeds

in Welsh Onion
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
I harvested some bunching onion seeds, today, likely Crimson Forest. I took a brown paper bag, put the heads inside, and shook them to get the loose seeds to fall into the bag. When I finally looked in the bag, it had lots of earwigs in it! I hadn't seen any in the flowers, but I guess they more

Sun Sugar F1 tomato

in Domestic Tomato
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
Sun Sugar F1 tomato Offsite articles: • Bonnie Plants • Dave's Garden • Tatiana's TOMATObase • Wikipedia Offsite forum search results: • Google: Dave's Garden • Google: • Google: Gardenweb • Google: • Google: Tomatoville ***** more

SunGold F1 tomato

in Domestic Tomato
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
SunGold F1 tomato These super popular 1", 1–2oz, cherry tomatoes are supposed to be quite sweet, tart, prolific, and even early. Some say it splits easily. Note that SunOrange F1 is supposed to be similar, except with larger fruit, less prone to splitting. SunGold F1 is often compared more

Weedy grass identification

in Poaceae
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
I'm trying to figure out what species of grass this is. This is an unusually succulent-looking specimen. It's one of our predominant weeds. It clumps and grows maybe 2.5 feet tall. id_

Our elderberry bushes

in Elderberry
by Radishrain • | | 1 comment
Here are some pictures of our elderberries, from one angle:

Our beebalm, 2020

in Monarda
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
Here's a picture of our beebalm, this year. It's at least a few years old. I'm not sure which species it is, but it gets red flowers.

Various rose and rose bush pictures, 2020

in Rose
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
These pictures were all taken on 8 June 2020.

Sugar Pod Snow pea

in Snow Pea
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
Here are our Sugar Pod snow peas, today. I ate several first, and they were delicious. Note that each picture has different plants in it.

Yarrow pictures, 2020

in Yarrow
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
Here are some of our yarrow plants, today. Here's one from April 25th:

SW Idaho matted weed identification

in Euphorbia
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
I think it's some kind of Euphorbia similar to Euphorbia serpens, Euphorbia prostata and Euphorbia maculata, but is seems to grow flatter with smaller, rounder leaves than those (maybe you can't tell its flat tendancy now, with the rain we've had). It's one of the most drought-tolerant more

Our oregano plant, 2020

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by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
Here's our oregano plant, today. It was planted last spring, I believe. That's awesome that it's a perennial. It was a purchased plant, last year, probably from The Home Depot.

A secret to cooking Bio | Organics Mie-Noodles, organic vermicelli

in Wheat
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
Organics Mie-Noodles, organic vermicelli Just to make sure we're talking about the same product, here's the barcode: 658842305694 Anyway, every ingredient is a wheat product. So, it's definitely appropriate in this forum. My sister gave me a whole bunch of these as a healthier more

My grapefruit tree is budding after 24 to 29 years (first time)

in Grapefruit
by Radishrain • | | 2 comments
I've had a grapefruit tree for 24 to 29 years. I planted it as a seed. I planted several others, which sprouted, but they got something like mealybugs and all of them died, except this one (which became free from the pest after a while). We use my tree as a houseplant. It's never been more

Lucious purslane weeds in tomatillo container

in Purslane
by Radishrain • | | 0 comments
I'm growing some tomatillos in a container. However, in one of the containers (not with the biggest of the tomatillo plants that I'm growing), it's chalk full of purslane! I don't know how it got there in such large numbers, but it did. Purslane is edible and I like the idea of having it in more
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